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your-imagination-represented-as-a-kid-in-a-costume Why Your Imagination Is A Powerful Tool

Why Your Imagination Is A Powerful Tool

Your imagination is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Instead of viewing the world through a lens that reality dictates which your mind can range through scenarios encompassing both past – and give an insight into the future. Also, it can bring to life hypothetical situations and even those which with no basis in reality. It allows us to empathize with others and explore art and expression.

The Human Mind

Philosophers and those who study the human mind often ponder what makes human beings unique among the species on planet Earth. The answers range from the fact we use tools – but that cannot be what sets us apart – there are other species also using tools. An opposable thumb has been theorized as something that sets us apart, but many species are related to human beings, and those further away from us also have opposable thumbs. An upright stance? There are many species that have the same.

The answer must lie is something less tangible. And for many students of human evolution and cognitive psychologists, and the aforementioned philosophers the answer lies in our ability to use our imaginations. Your imagination sets you apart from every single other organism on the face of this planet. But if we look at more concrete examples what is it about our imagination which makes us better, more rounded people.

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Firstly there is passion. All too often we reach adulthood and we lose what it is to be passionate about something. We are consumed by day-to-day worries and stress and we lose the childlike wonder about the world we all used to enjoy. Imagination can be the engine which drives us towards a more fulfilled and balanced life. Imagining the time spent with family or on a discovered hobby makes us feel passionate about those things.

Some say thought makes your future. It is our imagination providing us with the insights into possibilities. We are creatures of habit. We face the same challenges and hurdles again and again. If we reacted to those challenges, in the same way, every time, we become disillusioned. But with the power of imagination, we can see a future filled with possibilities. We create new paradigms for ourselves. We break free of the limitations which we would otherwise impose on ourselves.

Appreciate Your Imagination

There is another aspect of being human not shared by other creatures who share this planet with us. That is our appreciation for art and beauty. Perhaps a bee finds a flower beautiful – but it does not imagine the flower as the centerpiece of a floral arrangement bringing happiness. Artists would be hamstrung if they could not leverage their imaginations. Creativity at its core depends on imagination – which is not based in reality. At the same time admiring a piece of art can fire your imagination and send our thoughts in new directions.

It is not only artists but also other visionaries who reshaped our world by leveraging the power of their imaginations. All our modern technology has come about due to someone imagining ‘what if?’. Mobile phones, computers, the automobile. It is no exaggeration to say human progress would not be possible without our unique ability to imagine.


Imagination also brings simple joy. It can be magical in its ability to do this. A child playing in a garden is not living in the here and now. The child is living in the mundane reality we sometimes forget is not all of life. If we can leverage our imagination, we can revisit a time of joy and wonder. And is rewarding enough for just closing one’s eyes and imagining.

Your imagination is one of your most powerful tools. There are many who say using your imagination is ‘daydreaming’ or ‘wool-gathering‘ is to underestimate just how important imagination is. We would not be human if we did not use our imagination.

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