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throwing-paper-airplanes-work-related-games-for-meetings Three Great Work Related Games For Meetings

Three Great Work Related Games For Meetings

It’s a good idea to keep a list of work related games for meetings handy so you can make sure every meeting is productive.  There are so many possibilities out there that you won’t need to repeat the same game every day.

Starting each meeting with a game is a great way to engage creative thinking, add a little fun to your office, help employees build connections, and to make sure that everyone at your meetings are paying attention. The games need not be long or complex. Often, a game that lasts only five minutes is more than enough to lighten the atmosphere.  

Common Questions

What are the best team building activities for work?

A great activity is to play the human knot game where participants stand in a circle, have each employee hold the hand of a random team member across from them. The goal is to unwind this human knot to form a circle.

How do you build trust at work activities?

You can build trust among employees by playing a variation of the truth-and-a-lie game. Each employee tells at least two trusts and one lie then others have to figure out which of their statements was faction and which was fiction.

1. The Group Knot

The best way to play this game is with two groups of 8 people. Those two groups compete against one another. If only eight people are attending your meeting, then it should be in a single group without the competitive aspect.

The rules of the game are simple. Team members in a group stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a tight circle. They then each reach forward with their right hand and grab the right hand of someone else in the group. They cannot grab the hand of anyone who is standing next to them. This is then repeated with the left hand. Wait until everyone in both teams is holding both hands and then move to the final step.

The goal is now for your group to become untangled with no one letting go of any hands. The team who becomes untangled first is the winner. You can change the rules by not allowing anyone to speak or by identifying a team leader for each group and only allowing them to speak.

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2. Two Truths And A Lie

This is a common party game you may have played with friends before. It also happens to make a great team building game for your workplace. The best time to play this entertaining work related game for meetings is when there are new people added to your team. You might be surprised by what you can learn about employees even if you’ve been working with them for years.

Once everyone sits, instruct them to think of two true things about themselves and a single lie. The truths can be about their personality, their goals, their past, or just about anything else as long as it is true.

You then choose one person to go first and have them share their two truths and a lie letting no one know which is the lie. It’s the goal of your team to decide which of the pieces of information is true and which is the lie. You then continue this process until everyone at your meeting has had a turn. It’s a simple game that is guaranteed to start a few conversations and boost creative thinking.

3. Weird Functionality

This game is all about creative thinking and great ideas. It takes only a few minutes and can work with many people. If there are many people at your meeting, then you can divide them into small groups to add a competitive element.

Choose a person to go first and then hand them an object in the room. That person must go in front of the group and show a weird use for that object. It cannot be what they normally use the object for. The person cannot speak while showing the new use of the object. The members of your meeting take turns guessing what use is being shown.

Have Fun With Work Related Games For Meetings

It directly links creativity to productivity in your workplace. Work related games are one of the best ways to encourage creativity during a meeting. They are fast, simple, and force employees to use their creative capabilities. It can also lead to stronger relationships among your team, which is always good for business.

Let’s form a committee and determine who else to share these games with.

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