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creativity-obsession What Does Fostering Innovation Mean And How To Find Balance

What Does Fostering Innovation Mean And How To Find Balance

It might sound cliche, but the truth is if you ask ten different people what does fostering innovation mean you will get ten different answers.

Some people might say it’s improving an existing product or process, perhaps even replacing it with something better.

Others might say the innovation process is coming up with something entirely new that has never done before.

An online dictionary defines innovation to be “something new or different introduced” and the act of innovation as the “introduction of new things or methods.”

There’s nothing wrong with being innovative, yet like anything else, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. It can be a life-changing experience for good or bad depending on how you handle obstacles. Let’s take a look at some of the traps to avoid during your journey.

What Does Fostering Innovation Mean When Taking Risks

Every creative person needs to be willing to take calculated risks. These risks need to be smart to make sure one doesn’t go broke implementing it. Too much obsession can lead to interference and other aspects of life.

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For example, dangerous activities such as driving a vehicle require full attention. Creative daydreaming behind the wheel has the potential to cause significant injury.

Relationships are another area that can be negatively affected. Avoid dedicating too much time towards creative inspirations and reduced time for family. Not only is divorce possible, but it can also lead to kids failing to learn proper life lessons in life.

Valuing creativity too much can lead to burnout if contributions do not become a huge success. Instead, make sure to celebrate the small wins in life even if it doesn’t result in fame and fortune.

A person with lots of ideas needs to be ready to accept failure and not to feel guilty or sad about it. Many successful people in the world had experienced failure before they found their true passion.

Creative people have a tendency of coming up with new ideas on a regular basis. Make sure always to have a way of recording new ideas and then get back to the current task.

Addicted To New Ideas

Those addicted to creativity are at risk of coming up with too many ideas but never take action on any of them. Similar to lifelong students who only read books, goes to class, and watch videos. If that student never gets a job to apply their knowledge then what’s the point of learning it in the first place?

Some people instead will start several projects but never finish any of them. While a simple thing such as allowing an idea to incubate is okay, eventually one should commit to completing the project.

One can have a euphoria mental mindset when coming up with ideas because it’s fun and it’s easy. The hard work is implementing the idea and making it become a reality.

Make sure to strike a balance between fantasizing about what could be versus what is. Not accepting who you are and are always trying to change yourself can drive just about anyone crazy. Keep asking “what does fostering innovation mean?”

Overuse Of Buzzwords

marketing-flyer-300x225 What Does Fostering Innovation Mean And How To Find Balance  The use of cliche words (such as “global innovation”) aren’t restricted just to individuals. Businesses also throw around these words when describing themselves.

Every company wants to project an image of being on the cutting edge. It’s part of the public relations machine that senior management implements to not fall behind the competition. While there’s nothing with this, just make sure to innovate for the benefit of customers, not just for the sake of innovating.

Some businesses have taken this to heart by bringing their marketing work back in-house. Not only does it save money, but the company also has more control over the process.

The business is no longer locked into long-term contracts with outdated milestones or old technology. If they find that one project is more successful than another, they will drop one and expand the other. The result is getting the best return on their investment.

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