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productivityandprivacycameras Productivity And Privacy: Fun Ways To Lighten Up

Productivity And Privacy: Fun Ways To Lighten Up

The privacy of office workers has been debated for several years. Employers want to maximize the productivity of everybody that receives a paycheck while employees just want to get paid for an honest day of work. It can lead to battles between productivity and privacy among employees in the office. Some employers going to great lengths to track everyone in the office. If you are one of those monitored by your boss, with a wristband or other means, then you might as well have fun with it.

Where Did You Go On The Internet?

Some employers like to track your web browser history to make sure that people aren’t visiting inappropriate websites, playing games, or chatting on social media. If you know someone in your office will look at your web browser history, try to put a smile on their face by visiting funny websites with cute cat videos or jokes.

Where Are You Located?

A company-issued cell phone is for making phone calls and accessing office resources, but also to track your GPS location. When they are reviewing your movements, try visiting unusual places what that cell phone and see if they can guess where you were.

The GPS coordinates of cell phones can differ depending on how strong of a signal the phone has with a satellite in the sky. Therefore, trying to hide in a small place like a closet in your office it’s no fun, but visiting a local mall where there are multiple stores can make things interesting if those stores aren’t related to your business.

What Are You Looking At?

Another method of tracking productivity includes the use of screen recording software installed on every computer in the building. You can have fun with those who view the recorded video by composing all of your documents using a WingDings font. The WingDings font was used to include characters in a document long before you emojis became popular.

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Watching Your Every Movement?

Many businesses use closed-circuit security cameras not only to keep an eye out for burglars outside office hours but also to observe employees as they move about your office. Similar to browser history, try to put a smile on the guard’s face by performing a dance routine in front of these cameras when you arrive at work. You’ll earn bonus points if you can choreograph a routine with your coworkers.

What Did You Just Say?

Call centers use recording devices so they can listen to every phone call you make or receive for “quality purposes”. Depending on who you are talking with, this is another opportunity to tell jokes to each other with the end goal of putting a smile on the face of whoever may listen to you.

Where Are You Going To Be?

Some calendar appointment programs allow you to share your schedule. The primary reason for sharing your daily tasks is to prevent meetings from overlapping with each other. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a non-traditional appointment to your calendar like coloring a book or playing with building blocks just to fill up the day which prevents including you in their meetings.

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What Do You Want To Report?

Several businesses use an honor system to document unusual activities in the office. Most of these feedback systems are anonymous, therefore you can make entertaining accusations of a co-worker with little chance of getting caught.

Make sure that the alleged activities are lawful, but keep it fun at the same time. Examples might include reporting that Bob was using too much soap in the restroom to clean his hair, another example can be that Jane is practicing jumping jacks underneath her desk.

How Long Were You Here?

There are businesses in the country of Sweden that are having their employees wear RFID chips in their body as a method of clocking in and out of work. Some consider this an example of Big Brother, Some don’t mind being tracked due to the convenience of not having to use a time card system because their time card never jams.

Productivity And Privacy In Your Office

Regardless of how management is keeping track of you, keep in mind it’s in the best interest of your business that everyone play by the same rules. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun now and then to keep them in a good mood. As long as your creative activities are lawful and fair to everyone, it’s okay to put a smile on everyone’s face and have a good time.

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