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sm_chess-office-toys Not Just For Kids: The Office Toys That Keep You Smarter

Not Just For Kids: The Office Toys That Keep You Smarter

Office toys are used by those who spend most of the time on the phone. This is true when talking with customers or peers about a mind-numbing topic. It keeps the hands occupied with a task that doesn’t need a lot of thinking. While some may consider toys to be a distraction, they can become a learning tool when used in the right environment.

Coloring Books Arent Just For Kids

Adult coloring books have many creative benefits, including relieving stress and anxiety. The coloring books can put you into a meditative state which relaxes the brain which can result in some of your most creative and innovative ideas.

Coloring books can be obtained for free by downloading and printing out black and white clip art. Alternatively, there are many themed adult coloring books available for buy featuring themes related to movies and other topics. Here are a few coloring books to get you started.

The Mindfulness Colouring Book – Emma Farrarons

Fantastic Cities – Steve McDonald

The 1990s Coloring Book – James Granger

Art of Coloring Star Wars – Catherine Saunier-Tale

Build Yourself A Robot

Another hand activity that builds your creative motor skills includes building things. Such projects may include building a scale model of the real object such as a car or an airplane. You can use building blocks such as Legos to create your own representations.

There are programmable Lego systems such as Mindstorm and Technic. Such systems also include building blocks but also motors, electronics, and circuit boards. This expands the possibilities to create functional items such as robots and remote control vehicles.

Office toys That Make You Think

Speaking of electronics, there are circuit board construction kits available which do not need any soldering. These kits have digital pieces with springs attached to the connection points. You can build a radio, a weather station, or even a digital display by connecting wires between springs Creative challenges include identifying different ways of achieving the same task without always having to follow step-by-step instructions from a book.

Classic desktop games like Chess, Checkers, and Go are available for play on the desktop against a computer opponent. Inexpensive versions of this game require you to move the pieces around the board based on instructions from an LCD screen. More expensive versions will move the pieces themselves using magnets under the board.

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Magnetic Office toys

Another hands-on activity is unrelated to the Legos brands magnetic toys. Two popular toys include Buckyballs and Ball Of Whacks. Buckyballs, banned until a judge lifted the order,  are marble-sized magnets you can arrange into different shapes by sticking them together. Ball Of Whacks also uses magnets to keep the pieces together. In this case, pieces are in a variety of shapes long and skinny as well as short and wide.

Go Have Fun

While some office toys need concentration like electronic games, others need little or no thought. Get out that adult coloring book or build yourself something with Legos or magnets. Just be prepared to explain what it is you’re doing when the boss walks by and perhaps even invite them to take part. Also, since we’re all in the a fun mood make sure to let others know about your adventures via the social buttons below!

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