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NontraditionalOfficeGameIdeas Out-of-the-Box Office Game Ideas Your Boss Will Love

Out-of-the-Box Office Game Ideas Your Boss Will Love

Did you know the 1983 movie WarGames influenced political decisions in the United States government? Congress passed the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and Ronald Reagan altered his foreign policy due to a private screening.

The plot is a kid trying to access a simulation game advertised by a toy company. He instead ends up accessing a real-life missile management system. He challenges the computer to a match, and it (doing what the programmer told it to do) accepts the challenge.

While the following office game ideas might not to lead to global thermonuclear war, you will gain useful skills. These can help your business, including your peers.

Video Games In The Training Room

Your boss may not approve installing video games in the break room, but they might be open to having a game console in the training room. Ask if you can connect an Xbox or PlayStation to the projector. The games you can play on these consoles are expansive. Test your risk management skills with Cities: Skylines, SimCity, and Tycoon games. These all involve managing the limited resources available to you.

Mobile Games On Your Smartphone

When not in the conference room, you can use your smartphone to play resource games. SimCity: Build-It is available for both Android and Apple phones. The gameplay is like the console version but adapted for play on the small screen. Practice managing money, time, and natural resources to improve the quality of your city. You can also speed up the game to observe consequences.

Whiteboard Office Game Ideas

Not all game activities need the use of electronic devices. The whiteboard in the conference room is a great brainstorming tool. Start by writing a question at the top and let others answer before you do. The goal is to promote employee engagement by sparking conversations among your team.

Example questions might include “What is your favorite color and why?” Another fun oddball topic is “What is the best way to cook a potato?”. You will learn more about your coworkers with the added benefits of tossing ideas and sharing experiences with each other.

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Build Skills Changing Games

A lot of games allow custom assets. These assets might include the architecture of buildings, color schemes, and even sound effects. You can learn new skills by creating create custom buildings for simulation and resource games. This requires learning how to use graphics software and working with unique file formats. Once you gain these skills, re-apply them to creating better PowerPoints and audio files for games leading to better quality speaking skills during business presentations.

Games On The Internet

There are online websites where you can find boss-approved games. Everyone can benefit learning how to type faster and more accurately when composing an email or document. Use your favorite search engine to find keyboarding games that will test both. Work on trying to beat your high score instead of competing against others in your office. Better typing skills result in improved productivity no matter where you work.


Whether it be video games, mobile games, whiteboard games, online games, or even customizing games the result is the same. You gain essential skills that will benefit everyone. Your next step should be to seek potential games to run by your boss’s desk for approval. You don’t need a large budget to use any of these office game ideas; most are available for free or at a low cost.

However, you already have full approval to use one of the share buttons below to let coworkers know how you plan to dominate the office.

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