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7 Most Famous Child Inventors In The History Of Technology
Ideas To Improve How Durable Your Product Is
New Product Promotion Does Not Have To Be Painful
List of Startup Companies And Where To Find Them

7 Most Famous Child Inventors In The History Of Technology

Famous-Child-Inventors-300x203 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds  A great invention resolves a common issue. These devices could make our lives simple, fun and safe. Some inventions online today came from child inventors. Kids can look at the world in a fresh, original way than an adult can only dream of. Having such an advantage would be perfect for adults.

Here is a list of the top famous young inventors who are responsible for inventions that have assisted, delighted and entertained. Many young people on this list made their idea or invention even before graduating from high school.

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Child Inventors

1- Frank Epperson, The Popsicle – 11 years old

Popsicle-300x208 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds

When Frank Epperson was eleven years old in the year 1905, he mixed water and soda water powder in a glass. He then stirred it up with a stick piece and left his drink on the porch outside without giving it a second thought.

As he woke up early the next morning, the San Francisco freezing changed the form of his mixture into a delicious treat frozen on a stick. Who would have thought that the popsicle was invented by accident?

Later in 1924, after discovering that his invention was a hit with the locals, he patented the ‘frozen confectionery.’ Later, his business started producing the popsicle in several fruit flavors.

2- George Nissen, The Trampoline – 16 years old

Trampoline-300x200 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds

In 1930, the 16-year-old George Nissen invented the classic traditional Trampoline. Today, it is still used by adults and children for fun and exercise. As one of the more creative child inventors, he had a brainwave after watching trapeze artists in his time bouncing off the netting at the end of their routines.

It motivated him to invent a first world bouncing set up for gymnasts. He salvaging steel tools from junkyards to make the frame, then he stretched canvas across it to make bounce. After creating his first successful product, he named his product ‘the bouncing apparatus.’

3- Louis Braille, Braille reading – 15 years old

Braille-300x225 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds

The 15-year-old Louis Braille, a young French inventor, was three years old when he got blind from a terrible accident in his father’s leather shop.

When he turned ten, he was sent to the National Institute for the Blind Youth based in Paris, where kids were taught using the Huay scheme. This system consisted of tracing Latin letter outlines with a person’s finger to which Louis Braille found limiting and clunky.

This motivated Louis on a quest to discover a better method for blind people to read and write and read quickly. At age twelve, he started experimenting with is now known as ‘Braille writing’ and finished it when he was fifteen. Even today Braille is used by many blind people to assist them.

4- Philo Farnsworth, Television – 15 years old

child-inventors-200x300 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds  Who would have thought that it was a kid that invented a device that is a staple electronic in every home today? The young Philo Farnsworth came up with this big idea as he was plowing on one of his family’s farm.

While looking at the straight rows of dirt, he made on the ground; he discovered then that he was capable of inventing a television. Farnsworth broke images into parallel lines, captured them and transmitted them as electrons. Afterward, he then reassembled them on a screen for individuals to see.

At 15 years in 1921, Farnsworth had notes, sketches, and diagrams to create an ‘electronic television system.’ Then at 21, he channeled his first electronic image and held an early public presentation of a working television. Even before Farnsworth died in 1971, he had patented an average TV set of about 100 items.

5- Calculator – Invented by Blaise Pascal

After having constituted sound communication in 1962, the young child prodigy Pascall designed the world’s first calculator. Due to his slight ego, he called it the ‘Pascaline.’

With a shoebox size, Pascaline was able to subtract, divide, multiply and add, using a series of toothed wheels turned by hand. It could manage numbers up to 999, 999, 999. Pascal went on and invented theory probability, roulette, and syringe. He became among one of France’s most admired and master writers.

6- Becky Schroeder, Glo-Sheet – 12 years old

Glo-Sheet-300x204 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds

Becky was ten years old when she was trying to do her homework in her mother’s car. As it became darker outside, she had an idea for a better way to see in the dark.

Becky started playing around with phosphorescent items that exhibited light without heat. She succeeded to create the Glo-Sheet when she used the luminous paint to coat an acrylic board. At age 12, Becky was the youngest woman to be given a US Patent.

7- Alexander Graham Bell, The Telephone – 18 years old

Alexander Graham Bell began to develop methods to send speech when he was 18. His invention to what he named as the ‘harmonic telegraph’ consisted the idea of transmitting voice messages through a wire.

Alexander’s experiments with his Thomas Watson proved to be a success in the year 1875. Alexander made more inventions during his life and is  respected as one of the greatest child inventors that helped the deaf.

Ideas To Improve How Durable Your Product Is

Improving how durable a product is can be tricky if you only see it during creation and just before selling it to the end user. Taking a hard look at the product’s lifetime after the end user receives it to when they decide to no longer use it is important. Let’s consider some of the important factors to explore.

xs_30100022-300x200 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds  Move It Around And Drop It

Physical properties of the product and the chance of it surviving in different environments is a good place to start. If the object is portable, have some people interact with it by moving it around or into a different room. Note whether the product is difficult to grip and hold with one hand, or whether it needs two or more people.  If it can be easily scratched by objects typically found in the room, then you may want to change the surface to something else. Try dropping the product, does the surface adequately protect it from damage? If not, then you will want to make sure the material can absorb impact.

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Watch Videos To See How Durable It Isideas-to-improve-200x300 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds

Setting up artificial environments in a lab and having test subjects interact the object is one way to follow its durability. However, a quick search of the Internet looking for reviews or videos of the product can lead to other situations.  It might surprise you how some people use it in unintended manners. Once you have found some videos of the product in use, try watching the video in slow-motion to see if anything stands out. If it’s a long video, try watching it in time-lapse to get a different perspective.

Remember the goal is to improve the quality and durability of the product for the long-term. You are already asking why they bought the product, however it is important to find out why they later stop using it. You might also be interested in The Role Of Innovative Technology In Business on how to provide added-value to your customers. Eventually the product may even end up in a landfill which brings about a whole new set of concerns about the environment. You might want to consider setting up a recycling program or reuse parts in refurbished products harvested for repairs.

New Product Promotion Does Not Have To Be Painful

Launching a new product is always a challenge for any company. The burden of proof lies on you. What makes your product worth the money of your target customers? You must be able to convince them that what you have to offer has something of value and is different from other items found on the market. Although this is a tall order, it certainly isn’t impossible. The following are tried and prove techniques to turn your invention into a sensation.

Define the problem your new product can solve

New-Product-Launch-Marketing-Campaign-300x201 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds  When creating your marketing materials, keep in mind that you want to show potential buyers the specific problem your product can solve. People want to see something they can relate to, so be sure to show them a common problem and how they can solve it using your product. In some cases, this entails trying to shift consumer behavior and perspectives. If you have an innovative product, in particular, you must be able to compel customers that your product must be accepted even if it falls outside the norm.

Come up with accurate descriptors

The biggest and most successful companies spend a whole lot of time thinking about what to name their products. It’s common to allot six months or more just to come up with a name that accurately describes what the item is all about. Of course, it’s also imperative to think of a name that sticks to people.

Prove it works

Nobody would buy your product without some sort of proof that it works. You can go the traditional route and set up booths at local establishments to showcase how your product works. But you can go the extra mile and send out samples to product reviewers. YouTube works particularly well in this regard. Find product reviewers and influencers with thousands of followers in your niche. This is an easy way to bring attention to your product launch while instantly amassing targeted traffic at the same time.

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Utilize multiple online channels

Introducing your product to the World Wide Web is an absolute necessity. If you already have a website, be sure to make the newest addition to your product line very prominent. Create banner ads to compel people to click through and land on your product page. Also promote on social media sites as they can bring in a lot of targeted traffic as well. You must also employ search engine optimization techniques to boost organic search rankings.

new-product-promotion-200x300 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds  Convince customers to leave reviews

Did you know that consumers treat online reviews the same way as personal recommendations? This is why it’s beneficial to have customer reviews on your product pages. A simple call to action that convinces your customers to leave reviews about your product can have a significant effect in terms of boosting conversion rates and sales.

A new product launch can prove to be one of the most challenging endeavors your company will face, but it can also serve as a stepping stone that will take you to the next level of success. By creating a high quality product, understanding your market and planning thoroughly, you should be able to turn your unknown product into something your customers can’t live without. What has been your experience with launching a product? Share your story as a comment below.

List of Startup Companies And Where To Find Them

startup-companies-300x200 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds  Investors are always on the lookout for startup companies with tremendous potential. Likewise, a startup owner is looking for competitors, or skilled people seeking job opportunities. Either way, here are a few ways to locate the best startup companies.

1- Search Google For Startup Companies

google-150x150 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds

It sounds simple, and that’s because it is. If you’re interested in investing, but you’ve never done it before, try a quick search and see where it leads you. You might find yourself at a website aimed at helping professionals find jobs at startup companies. Or, you could be pointed to events for startups and entrepreneurs to meet and network.

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2- AngelList

A website made for startups, job seekers, and investors. Created in 2010 with the mission to democratize the investment process, it began as an online introduction board. Aimed at tech startups that required seed funding, it now allows startups to raise money from interested investors free of charge.

3- Hacker News

Hacker-News-150x150 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds
Created to be a social news website that focuses on computer science and entrepreneurs. As an online news site with a focus on emerging businesses, Hacker News covers many business platforms. This ensures that regardless of what type of industry you want to take part in, you can find the latest companies.

4- HireArt

HireArt-150x150 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds
An online site with an aim towards hiring for startups, it is a good place to locate young enterprises that are expanding. It specializes in sales, business development, marketing, and customer relations jobs. This means that you can find valuable consulting or marketing firms to provide private equity. Instead of focusing on a single industry, invest in a marketing company allows you to experience many different platforms.

5- Startup Digest

startup-companies-I2APIN-200x300 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds

The name says it all. It is an online compilation for entrepreneurs. It also allows prospective investors to meet these young businesses in person instead of social media. Complete with articles and news from industry experts. The site keeps an update of all local and international events.

6- Fundable

A crowdfunding platform offering reward and equity-based campaigns for small businesses. Since its launch in 2012, it has helped investors fund various startups in different industries. Some of these have been in beauty, mobile, health, fitness, technology, and foods.

7- Inside Startups

Inside-Startups-150x150 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds
This is a weekly newsletter that serves as the modern day newspaper. It offers information on the latest job openings at the most competitive startups. As an investor, it is a good idea to focus on what positions are opening at individual startups. For instance, if a young startup is hiring more full time web designers, that could be a sign of good, steady progress. If a startup that you’re interested in is hiring more supervisory positions, then they could be on the brink of expansion.

8- StartupAgents

StartupAgents-150x150 The New Product Collection - Find Out What Succeeds

Think of a dating site, and you’ve got StartupAgents which is focused on tech startups. None of the startup companions on the site are older than five years old and have no more than 100 team members. The website serves as a perfect entry to find and research businesses.

9- StartupZone

On the other side of the industry spectrum is StartupZone. Focused on non-technical startups backed by venture capital. But, these are still startup companies, so each will be open to more backing including businesses are mostly located in the Silicon Valley and surrounding Bay Area. Since this area is one of the centers of business and technology, it will be worth the distance if you find any startup companies that sparks your interest.

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