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moving-on-from-the-past Moving On From The Past To Restore Your Creativity

Moving On From The Past To Restore Your Creativity

Maintaining a healthy mental and emotional process in the face of personal flaws, earlier failures, and past errors is an essential part of optimal performance. A professional career moving in a positive direction is guided by a mind free of negative emotions and the various effects it brings. By moving on from the past, you can greatly improve personal, academic and professional performance in your life..

When working in a busy office, the dull roar of staplers crunching, keyboards clicking and paper shuffling can assail the mind.  You can find mental resilience in reducing the number of processes active in the mind at one time.

Having a negative reflection on past lessons learned to run on a continuous circuit is inefficient. It saps the mind of valuable operating space and even consumes the body’s energy. In the following paragraphs, we will explore a few vital strategies that can be applied when you feel besieged by negativity over the past.

Psychosomatic Responses

Why is it so difficult to get over some things? Something happens deep inside your nervous system when we do something our minds, empirical memory or instincts considers particularly wrong. This can be anything from speaking hastily to a good friend for failing in an important effort.

The experience often results in sadness or frustration that holds us back from further attempts and paints a bleak forecast for the future. “I will never find a faster way to complete this task” and “The only area in which I excel is making a mess of things” tethers your mind to a moment in the past and maintaining this connection is time and energy consuming.

“Get over it!” is sometimes the solution we are given from other people, but it is not something that can be ignored. The imprinted effect in your nervous system continues to start psychosomatic responses each time during memory recalled.

The Solution: the solution lies in considering the mentality that is linking you to your past mistake. Do your fundamental beliefs decree that your actions label you a “financially frivolous fool” or a “love-sick loser”? This could be where the forgiveness needs to be applied in hefty quantities. By changing your perspective of yourself through forgiveness you release yourself from these negative reflections from the lessons you’ve learned.

Moving On From The Past By Breaking Cycles

Humans view themselves as a product of their past and the best solutions to their future, we get a fleeting and often confusing glimpse of the presence as it flies by and becomes the past.

Having a solid grip on our past gives us confidence. Confidence is the essential foundation from which mental, physical and emotional monuments can be erected. Negative recollections from the past exist like flaws in our foundation that create imbalanced efforts.

It is easy enough to release the anger felt towards others because their integrity is only a reflection on themselves and your relationship. But, when our own integrity is on trial, separating ourselves from our past cuts at the definition of who we are and spawns a personal and even philosophical crisis.

It is important to understand the value of forgiveness and compassion for yourself here again too. By understanding that what was done is done through the limited mindset and experience of the time. Perhaps if the full extent of the repercussions would have been understood, different decisions or actions would have been made.

The capacity to understand error is an important part of ensuring these things never happen again.  By suspending personal judgment, you break the perceived cycle of error and allow your foundation of confidence to level out and cultivate creativity. This is an important aspect of moving on from the past.

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Take Some Pride In Error

We live in a society that discourages errors and flawed performances and glorifies their exact opposite. This can give us some terrible ideas of what an error is and how we should respond to them. We hide our errors from others which may be foolish. But when it comes hiding them from ourselves, they can accumulate like so many warning notifications and result in a systems malfunction at some point.

The solution lies in how you responding to each “notification”. When the mind springs a negative rerun that could make you despondent, respond with the positive affirmation that a lesson was learned, it is a coin in your pouch and eventually, the notifications will cease and you will be well on your way to moving on from the past.

If nothing else, talking it out or lightly ranting about it might help. Fortunately, there are some social sharing buttons below that can help you with just this task.

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