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interesting-topic-arrows Want To Find The Most Interesting Topic To Write About?

Want To Find The Most Interesting Topic To Write About?

It helps to approach a topic from several angles in order to find the most interesting topic to write about.  Be sure to use a combination of databases to get an idea of the angles that others have already approached a subject.  After exploring what others have done, it’s time to introduce your perspective which can trigger new thoughts.

What Angles Are Others Using?

The first place to start is a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo to determine to top results of all time. Next, filter these results to just the past week or two to determine if the angles change. News organization such as FoxNews, CNN, and MSNBC also are good places to explore more angles to discuss a topic.  Topic generators are another tool to consider. Finally, there are many places to discover search trends and social media hashtags.

Let’s use an example niche of “flying drones” with the goal of writing a new article about these airworthy gadgets. The following results were accurate at the time of this writing. If you were to search for flying drones today, different information might appear. Be sure to take advantage of this dynamic to expand your research further.

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Top 5 of all time from Google Search

  • News – 2016 News and Articles About Unmanned Robotics
  • Rules – New FAA rules mean US companies can fly drones without a pilot’s license
  • Safety – Flying drones | UK Civil Aviation Authority
  • Rules – The rules for flying domestic drones – BBC News
  • Laws – Drones and the Law: The Sky’s Not the Limit – B&H

Top 5 from the past week in Google Search

  • Informative – Drones Globe – All you need to know about buying, building or flying
  • Weaponized – US Police Consider Flying Drones Armed With Stun Guns
  • Weaponized – Self-Flying Drones Equipped With Tasers Coming Soon
  • Uses – 19 of the best uses of drones in business
  • Security – No need to shoot down drones! Many of them can now be hijacked

Top 5 curated from Google News

  • Laws – No permit, but drones are still flying high
  • Military – High Flying Drones Recruited for Missile Defense
  • Warnings – Officials warn that flying drones near a wildfire is illegal
  • Transportation – Commuter Drones: Uber Hopes to Transcend Gridlock
  • Delivery – Flying drones and robot trucks are on the radar of Dallas’ Ross Perot

Top 5 from Google Trends

  • Delivery – “amazon drones”
  • Delivery – “flying delivery drones”
  • Photography – “drones with cameras”
  • Autonomous – “self flying drone”
  • Marketplate – “drones for sale”

Most Interesting Topic To Write About

Extra angles to consider may include Wealth, Willpower, Wisdom, Youth, Death, and Failure. While it’s impossible to include a complete list of every single angle, there are several collections available. Here are more resources to peruse when you are looking for a new spark.

Upon reviewing the topic of flying drones found at Google and these additional angles, new article on the subject might include:

  • Failure – Tools you’ll need to quick repair a Phantom drone
  • Youth – Questions your kids will likely ask about drones
  • Fear – Your neighbors are afraid of drones, here’s why

Attributes To Consider

Objects and people also have attributes (or characteristics) used to describe them. Examples may include size, weight, color while personalities could be quiet, loud, or argumentative. Here are a few places featuring lists of such attributes to check out.

In consideration, the attributes of flying drones, hardcore fans of these machines might find the following articles to be interesting

Weight – Extend the battery life of your drone by cutting pounds

Plastics – Find out which of these drone plastics can survive a crash

Speed – Roundup of accessories to improve drone aerodynamics

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Combining a new angle that you approach a topic with a subtopic can become the focus of a newly created article. Continuing along the same topic about flying drones, it’s time to start curating questions. Resources such as Quora and Yahoo Answers are good places to start.

Example questions found on Quora:

“What are the current regulations for flyind drones in _____?”

“Where can I get a quiet flying drone for use in a small festival?’

“Are non-U.S. citizens allowed to fly drones in USA?”

Examples from Yahoo Answers:

“Is a 5 MP camera for a low price drone pretty good?’

“If a drone flies over private property, is it trespassing?”

“What is the minimum age to fly a professional drone?”

Systematic Randomization

Once you have collected your list of angles, attributes, and subtopics together it’s time to select some. The possibilities include writing each on a piece of paper and drawing from a bowl. You could write them all on a whiteboard, close your eyes, spin around, and point in a random direction. A variation of this could be throwing darts at a dart board.

To keep it all on a computer, try using a spreadsheet with a randomize formula.  In Microsoft Excel or a Google sheet, the formula might look like INDEX( $A$1:$A$999, RANDBETWEEN(2,999-COUNTBLANK( $A$2:$A$999))).  The three columns to randomly combine include angles, subtopics, and the article type like the following.

random-combinations-spreadsheet-1024x218 Want To Find The Most Interesting Topic To Write About?

Out of these 10 topics to write about, looking at the first few lines of random combinations a few article ideas might come to mind.

“Plastics – minimum age – Resources or Link Lists”

Almost every toy includes a warning label about smart parts becoming a choking hazard.  This random combination might suggest a list post including links to news reports of children injured by flying drones. Excerpts from research performed by toy experts may benefit parents that are shopping for presents..

“Uses – non-US citizens – This vs That”

Tourists visiting the United States may want to rent a flying drone during their visit when sightseeing. An article split into two columns labeled “Do This” and “Not That” could include safety and legal warnings.

“Marketplace – minimum age – Things You Don’t Know”

Items such as cigarettes and alcohol have age requirements enforced by retailers. The purchaser must show the cashier ID to prove they are at least a specific age. The rules for flying drones vary from region to region and some might enforce age restrictions. Perhaps write an article clustering cities or states with a summary of local laws.

If you’d rather not create your own spreadsheet, use the form below for access to a free template. The template is in an older Excel .xls format which can be imported into most spreadsheet software. Add your own angles and subtopics to the example lists to find even the most interesting topic to write about.

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