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Make-Work-Meetings-Fun-In-A-Park How To Make Work Meetings Fun And Productive

How To Make Work Meetings Fun And Productive

Fun and happy meetings are often the most productive meetings. Some studies have shown that a meeting with happy employees can be over 10 percent more productive. When you think of a team meeting at the office, you probably think of a boring but necessary task. One study showed that over 75 percent of team meeting participants were annoyed during meetings.

If you’re hosting a meeting, then it’s up to you to make it fun, engaging, and thus more productive. It might surprise you to learn that it’s easy. You need to break out of the “meeting mold” that has existed for decades in the corporate world. Here are a few ideas on how you can make work meetings fun.

Common Questions

How to make meetings fun and productive?

Productivity increases with blood flow to the brain. Take the meeting outside for a walk and bring a pad of paper to take notes about what you talked about. If you must sit, swap positions with someone else for a change of scenery and have a toy available to fiddle with at every seat.

How to make staff meetings more engaging?

After switching seats in the room, have everyone lock their chair in an upright position so that they cannot lean back. Allow everyone to doodle during the meeting or play with a toy while others are speaking to stimulate their brain.

1. Escape The Routine

Why are meetings so boring? Because it’s the same old routine, you have been doing your entire career. It’s also the same routine that everyone before you went through and rarely ever changes. When changes occur it almost always improves the meeting. Some of the simplest changes can make the biggest differences.

Try starting the meeting by changing the meeting space and by taking a group walk outside. You’ll enjoy the fresh air with your team, get exercise, and maybe see a few people while you’re on your walk. Maybe you can walk from the office to a coffee shop where your meeting will continue.

What if you want to stay in the office? Then it’s time to find new ways to kick-start the meeting. Maybe a brief yoga session or a rapid-fire round of jokes. Changing things up forces people to use their brain more, engage their creative abilities, and have fun.

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2. Force A Change In Seating

If you’ve hosted more than two meetings, then you’ve noticed that the same people sit in the same spots. Chances are, there are a few people who like to sit in the back and stay out of the spotlight. You can bet that those people are not engaged in the meeting, they are not having fun, and they are not helping the cause.

You can change this by forcing a change in seating. Have everyone stand up and then assign seats using a hat. When people sit in places they don’t normally sit or sit next to people they don’t interact with, it forces their brain to engage more in the situation. It may not be the most enjoyed activity at first, but it will cause more creative thinking and boost productivity.

3. Break Out The Toys

Tech companies in Silicon Valley have a lot to teach when it comes to conducting meetings. They know how to make work meetings fun. Some of their meetings involve building blocks, puzzles, painting, toy cars, and all other sorts of toys. It’s not because they are using meetings to play with toys. It’s because playing with toys is fun and it engages creative parts of the brain.

The key is to find the right toys to have a fun meeting. If it will be a long one, then bring in the building blocks or a puzzle. Why? The reason is people feel a need to finish a task after they have started. Once they piece things together, they will stick around and stay engaged until it’s complete.

A big puzzle is a great way to keep people interested in returning. Don’t let the attendees finish the entire puzzle in a single meeting. Instead, during each meeting, give them a few minutes to make progress. Keep the puzzle stored until the next meeting. You might find they have a new sense of eagerness.

It’s Good Business When You Make Work Meetings Fun

If your boss is judging you based on the performance of your team, then it’s up to you to do what is necessary to help the company. Dragging down your team members with long and boring meetings will not help. Instead, try some simple techniques mentioned above to make work meetings fun and boost productivity in the long run.

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