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4 Secret Methods of Generating Any Innovative Idea

If you have fallen into a creative slump and are having trouble coming up with any innovative idea, there are several effective techniques you can use to jumpstart your brain and get your creative juices flowing again. We have come up with some suggestions to turn yourself into an unstoppable idea-generating machine.

Use a Timer

any innovative idea keyboard with a blue innovation buttonTimed brainstorming exercises can be surprisingly effective in terms of helping you generate ideas. This is particularly true if you set the timer for a relatively long period of time and challenge yourself to write down ideas the entire time it is running. The easiest or most obvious ideas will come to you first. After enough time passes, however, you will really have to start thinking outside of the box to keep writing. Don’t edit yourself at this point. Anything goes, no matter how silly it may seem. Typically, by the end of the session, you will have some really unique ideas down on paper. You can then go about refining the best ones to make them more actionable.

Spend Time With Nature

Disconnecting from technology and spending time outdoors can do wonders for creativity. Without the constant hum of computers, cell phones or other electronic devices in the background, you are left with nothing but your thoughts. Even a trip to a local park on your lunch break can help. If all else fails, try shutting off your computer and cell phone and looking out the window at any nearby trees. Allow your mind to relax so that creative idea can flow in.

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Be Willing To Have Any Innovative Idea That Is Bad

If you want to have good ideas, you also have to be willing to have some bad ones. Sometimes a fear of failing or of embarrassing yourself can keep you from freeing your mind enough to come up with creative ideas. Try not to feel self-conscious during a brainstorming session or to judge your ideas too harshly. Just work quickly and get anything that comes to you down on paper even if it seems silly or impossible. You can always scratch any ideas that won’t work off your list later. You will get the best results if you really let go of your inhibitions and fears and just allow the ideas to flow out onto the paper.

There are several techniques to jumpstart your brain | innovative ideas | innovation ideas | what does innovative ideas mean | innovative ideas definition | innovative ideaChange Your Routine

If you do the same thing day after day, your brain is probably operating on autopilot. Try doing something different. Take a trip to a local museum. Drive a different route home and stop at a restaurant that you have never tried before. Lay on the grass outside and watch the clouds. Breaking out of your routine can jolt your brain out of its slumber, helping to get your creativity going again.

Give yourself the freedom to brainstorm without fear of judgment. It is also important to allow yourself enough downtime to relax or try new things. By breaking out of your routine and allowing your brain the freedom to play, you will tap into your inner creativity in no time at all. There are also automated tools that can collect any innovative idea while you relax. Sign up below to start receiving a free email course on how to set this up.

Everyday Creativity Becomes Routine

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