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How To Develop Creative Ideas And Keep The Juice Flowing

While it’s been said that last minute pressure is a great motivator, many people struggle to develop creative ideas when they’re anxious and stressed. When the pressure is on, some feel so overwhelmed that they don’t how to develop creative ideas.

how to develop creative ideas side of a headWhether a person needs to present ideas at a business meeting or needs to pitch a story idea to an editor, people need to learn how to be creative when their stress levels are high. These simple tips will help people to use their imagination even when they’re full of anxiety.

How To Develop Creative Ideas

Sometimes, people aren’t actually out of ideas. They’re just convinced that the ideas they do have aren’t good enough. Anyone struggling to find their creative spark should lock themselves away with a pad and a pen, and not come out until they’ve written down 10 or more ideas. The ideas don’t have to be good, they just have to be there.

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Last minute pressure can be a great motivator | creative ideas for business development | creative business development ideasAfter a list has been made, they can be evaluated with an objective eye. Maybe an idea that seemed ridiculous doesn’t look so bad when on paper. Perhaps writing down an idea has sparked another one. Even if none of the listed ideas are usable, writing them down can be enough to get the creative juices flowing.

Think About What You’d Do If Money Were No Object

Sometimes, the ways people would solve problems change based on a number of resources available to them. If a person can’t solve a problem with their current resources, they should think about how they would solve the problem if their resources were unlimited.

From there, people can try to turn that spark of an idea into something they can actually implement. For example, if a writer would fly to Tahiti for research, they could watch documentaries for inspiration instead. If an entrepreneur would wine and dine important figures in the business world, they could email some of their contacts instead. There’s no such thing as a perfect idea, and there’s not one right solution to a problem. Thinking about a solution that can’t be achieved can help people come up with one they can achieve.

A series illustrating a question, thinking of a solution and creative ideas to solve the problem.

Take a Break

Sometimes, people get so focused on the task at hand that they lose all perspective. Putting their work down, leaving their desk, and getting a change of scenery can provide people with the insight that they need. People don’t always come up with their best ideas at the office. It can be easier to think while on a walk, or during a trip to a museum. In addition, taking a break allows people to return to their work with a fresh eye.

Coming up with creative ideas isn’t always easy. However, it is possible for a person to be imaginative when they’re stressed. People shouldn’t sell themselves short. Even when a person thinks they don’t know how to develop creative ideas, there are usually a few interesting thoughts lingering below the surface. The best ideas are ones anyone could come up with.

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