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xs_55860099 Proven Habits That Lead To Creative Types of Solutions

Proven Habits That Lead To Creative Types of Solutions

Everybody wants to be able to come up with ideas at a moment’s notice. While there is no way to boost your creativity overnight, there are some habits that you can start doing regularly to help out. Many have studied various factors that can lead to novel types of solutions which you can use in your everyday life, let’s take a look at a few of them.

Find Some Green Leaves

Business professionals observed performing certain tasks in different room environments. The discovery found that when the room included live plants, not those cheap plastic ones, these business people were more creative. The type of plant didn’t make a difference whether it be a fern or flowers, both males and females are equally affected by the plants.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It has been well understood that practice makes perfect, therefore it should be no surprise that repeatedly performing creative tasks helps. Something to do every day is recording new ideas on a pad of paper or digital device the instant the thought comes to mind.

As well as recording the thoughts, keep an eye out for interesting objects that could be combined with other interesting objects. We are all creative when we were kids, but in current society, many of us grew out of it. Keep the creative juices flowing as a top priority by setting a calendar appointment to practice every day.

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Walk Away

Speaking of reoccurring events, physical activity is known to improve one’s mental mindset. If you find yourself sitting in the chair staring at a blank screen or a spreadsheet and think that is unproductive you are right. It’s time to stand up and go take a walk whether it be to the break room or around the building. If you are using a laptop, take your work with you to another location or even outdoors such as a nearby park.

New Types Of Solutions From Out Of Nowhere!

Multitasking, sometimes known as task switching, allows approaching something from a new angle by simply walking away from it. Imagine that you are in the middle of a document and you’re stuck with where to go next, save the file and put it aside for a while.

Later, return to the document and you’ll discover your mind has been subconsciously working on it in the background. It’s no mistake that some of the greatest ideas in the world came to mind when that inventor was taking a shower or simply driving to work.

So let’s summarize what you are going to do next. Go get yourself a plant for your room and a pad of paper that you can carry around. Identify some nearby areas to get exercise even if it means just walking up and down stairs if that’s the only alternative.

Keep your to-do list populated with both major and minor items that need to be completed so there are always other tasks available when needed. When you combine all of these changes in your life, you will find both your productivity increase and your creativity improves. Be sure to watch the video at the right side of the page for helpful habits that can lead to new solutions.

One of the minor to-do items on your list should be sharing tidbits of information with others.  Feel free use one of the social buttons below to cross this task off your list.

new-types-of-solutions Proven Habits That Lead To Creative Types of Solutions