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get-organized-now-minimalist-office Get Organized Now: How You Can Prepare For Creativity

Get Organized Now: How You Can Prepare For Creativity

While some people may thrive in a chaotic environment, others prefer to get organized now with a neat and tidy desk that allows their creativity to flow. In a minimalist office environment, your workspace can affect both your productivity and ability to come up with new ideas. Here are some inexpensive methods to clean up your area.

Icons On Your Screen

Let’s start with your computer desktop. When you save a document or other file, you have a choice regarding what name to call it and where it’s located. The most common locations on Windows computers to save files is your desktop or your documents folder.

Both have quick access links available to them built into the operating system. However, a desktop full of icons so dense that it covers your wallpaper makes it difficult to find anyone file. Likewise, a documents folder displaying dozens or even hundreds of files it can take awhile to scroll through when looking for something. Try to organize these locations by creating subfolders so you can identify where a specific file can be found more quickly.

Paper On Your Walls

The walls of your office or cubicle are reserved four important information that needs to be referred to. Typical information may include contact details for others in your minimalist office or scripted phrases that may be difficult to remember.

Like files on your computer, your walls should be organized by category. For example, all of the contact details for your coworkers, vendors, and clients can be clustered together on one wall. Another wall might contain the scripted phrases and other important information about your products altogether. Centralize information so you are not twisting your head around in circles trying to find the right words to say.

Items On Your Desk

The layout of equipment on your desk can impede productivity if wires are crossing over each other all over the place. Inexpensive cord organizers are available both online and in office stores which allow multiple cords to run along the same path side by side with each other.

A typical computer has a keyboard, Monitor, and mouse connected to it which all need to run to a location in front of your chair. These are perfect candidates of cables that can run in parallel to each other.

Besides items sitting on your desk, there are also several storage compartments such as shelves and drawers that need organization. Like other areas, get organized now by trying to cluster common things together into specific areas so they can be found. Your pens and related writing utensils should all be together in a single place. Paperwork organized by topic so you aren’t looking all over the place for documents related to each other.

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Emails In Your Inbox

Finally, returning back to the digital realm is your email. All received messages will appear in a folder called inbox. After you have read an email, you can move it to another folder. Similar to how you organized files on your computer and subfolders, emails can also be moved into categorized locations for easy retrieval later on.

Get Organized Now

Having a neat and tidy area to look forward to when you arrive at work reduces stress during your day. Both of your productivity and creativity will benefit because you’re spending less time in a minimalist office trying to find something and free to spend more time producing new things.

Another way to reduce stress is to lower it within your coworkers, and the best way to do that is to use one of the social share buttons below.

get-organized-now Get Organized Now: How You Can Prepare For Creativity