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add-creative-habits-on-todo-list Examples Of Creativity In Everyday Life Becomes Routine

Examples Of Creativity In Everyday Life Becomes Routine

Anything that you want to master requires practice. Bodybuilders establish a routine of lifting weights every day. Marathon runners improve their endurance by walking or jogging every day. These examples of creativity in everyday life demonstrations you have to inject habits into your routine.

Working on a variety of skills is more productive and makes it interesting. The bodybuilder might work on abs one day, core another day, and arms the third day. Marathon runners will walk at different paces, and jog short sprints to mix it up.

The same goes for creative habits. Take a pick from the following creativity examples and try to work some of them in during the next month.

Combine Random Words

A mental exercise you can perform daily is combining random words together and making connections. Select the random words by opening a dictionary to a random page and pointing. Another way to choose words is to use an online utility that displays a random page .

Once you select several words, place them into a grid with some across the top and others along the side. Intersection boxes should be large enough to include descriptions on how you connected them.

bike-to-better-creative-habits-300x200 Examples Of Creativity In Everyday Life Becomes Routine  Use A Different Method of Transportation

Getting from point A to point B can vary every day. Instead of driving or taking the bus, try walking or riding a bicycle. If the distance is too far to walk or bike, then use public transit for part of the trip and then walk or bike the rest of the way.

It’s particularly helpful when going to work or just meeting up with a friend. After all, you don’t want to take a trip to the grocery store only to have to lug back bags of food.

Another Route To Your Destination

Taking a different route also provides the senses (sights, sounds, and smell) with new experiences. This goes to an urban environment where city roads laid out in a grid form. The number of routes between two places can be exponential.

Take A Shower

Showering is not only healthy and sanitary, but it also causes the mind to perform a mindless task without a lot of thinking. Everyone at some point or another has come up with a new idea while bathing.

Thus this needs to be at least a semi-daily activity. Just make sure to record your thoughts as soon as they come to mind,

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People Watch

There will always be lulls in daily activity whether it be standing in line or eating a meal. These are great opportunities to watch how others nearby are interacting with each other.

You don’t need to be within earshot to understand what is going on, in fact, the further away you are, the better. It allows you to make up a story about those individuals and what they are talking about.

The same goes for children at the playground. Kids that know are often acting out a scene featuring their favorite superheroes or sports stars. Try to figure out what they are up to without staring for too long. Otherwise, you risk creeping out others.

fire-hydrant-questions-for-your-list-of-habits-240x300 Examples Of Creativity In Everyday Life Becomes Routine  Examples Of Creativity In Everyday Life

No matter where you are, try to ask questions about every single person or object you encounter. Use the five WH words “why”, “what”, “who”, “where”, and “how” often.

As a creativity example, if the object is a fire hydrant some questions might include “why is it located right here?” Related questions could be “what is the water pressure?” and “who invented the fire hydrant?”. Also “where was it manufactured?” and “how do firemen open the valve?”.
Ponder “What If?”

Since we’re already exploring questions about a person or thing, try taking it to the extreme. Think up new scenarios using “what if?” questions. Returning to fire hydrant some extremes may be “what if the fire hydrant was made out of platinum?” “What if the fire hydrant came out of the ground at an angle? Would this help relieve pressure on the water hose connected to it?”

Spill Your Mind

Brainwriting is the task of writing anything and everything that comes to mind. There is no spell checking, no grammar correcting, and it doesn’t even have to make sense! Be sure to write everything using a pen which is much harder to erase to ensure that you aren’t tempted to make corrections.

Just write everything that pops into your mind. This activity is efficient when done while doing something else such as people watching or riding the bus.

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Finish It Later

Complete every task that you start on time, but this doesn’t mean it needs to be all done in one session. Starting a well-planned project and then walking away from it allows thoughts to incubate in the brain.

While you may not be working on it, your brain is still thinking about the task in the background. When you return to finish, a fresh approach may appear thus resulting in a better outcome.

Real Life Examples Of Creative Problem Solving

Interacting with problems on a regular basis helps keep an active brain that never becomes bored. Some examples of brain twisters may include crossword puzzles, word searches, and putting together a puzzle.

View Random Images

The Internet is full of lots of places that can serve up random images for your review. This practice can lead to new perspectives on how to solve a problem that you might not have considered before.

Understand Opposing Views

Reading online reviews about a product or service helps develop critical thinking skills. It’s well known that you “cannot please all the people all the time”, yet it’s healthy to learn about opposing views. Reviews aren’t always about products. Also for the opinion section of the newspaper and discussion forums on the Internet.

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Everyday Creativity Becomes Routine

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