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lady-using-lateral-thinking-exercises Effective Lateral Thinking Exercises To Use In The Office

Effective Lateral Thinking Exercises To Use In The Office

If you are stuck in an office all day, you might struggle with creativity. This is because people use their surroundings for a little inspiration, but when you stare against a cubicle or the four walls of your office, your surroundings won’t be the most inspiring. Not all hope is lost, and you can get those creative juices working. You want to learn a few lateral thinking exercises.

To help you get started, here is what you need to know about creative thinking exercises, along with a few examples you can try out.

The Basics

Before you can use the provided examples, it’s important to understand the lateral thinking process. It is divided into 4 stages, and they are:

  • – Assess your problem and everything that factors into it
  • – Move away from the problem to allow for more original ideas
  • – Bring those ideas back to your problem
  • – Test which ideas can work with the problem

It’s not too complicated, and it won’t take you all day to achieve. And to help you with creative thinking, here are those promised lateral thinking exercises.

1. Use All Your Senses

People trust some senses more than others, and when it comes to forcing any creativity, it’s almost as if all 5 senses go on lockdown while we internalize the problem.

Your senses can help you gain some creative juices, let them become part of the solution. As you sit at your desk, look around you. Take a moment to observe everything from the color to the shape.

But don’t stop with what you see. Instead, use your other senses, like listening to the surrounding sounds, and touching the objects to see what they feel like.

Basically, let your mind go as you trust your senses to bring along new ideas, which you then try to connect with your problem.

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2. Explore Lateral Thinking Exercises

Sometimes, all you need is a word, story, or phrase to spark great ideas, even when the words or stories have nothing to do with your problem.

This means picking up a dictionary, magazine, or book, and read a little. You might even listen to the lyrics of a song be surprised at the ideas that could pop up.

3. Try A Comparison

Another way you can inspire creativity is by comparing your problem to a natural phenomenon, a mineral, animals, or even fruits and vegetables.

4. Break Your Problem Down

Chances are you feel quite intimidated by the problem, seeing as it has you stuck with no ideas. But this is when you break it down into more manageable pieces. For example, if you work in marketing then go through the consumer process.

The smaller you make a problem, the less intimidating it will be. And the less intimidating the problem, the better you’ll be able to approach it with a creative twist.

5. Channel A Smart Person

As you know, some very intelligent and creative people have walked the earth. And even though everyone doesn’t have the same skills, it doesn’t mean you can’t channel the thoughts of these people. Put yourself in somebody else’s shoes for a couple of seconds and think about what they would’ve said in your position.

6. Mind Mapping

One of the best creative thinking exercises is based on mind mapping. This is when you draw the problem in the middle of the page, and the sub-topics around it. From there, you branch out and see where it goes.

Just because you sit in a cubicle all day or you work alone in an office, doesn’t mean you should let your creativity slide. And there are many ways you can keep your creativity alive once you get the hang of it. So, apply these lateral thinking exercises right now and solve your creativity problems right after clicking one or two of the social share buttons below.

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