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083116-capturedetails Guides To Craft Your Dreams Becoming Reality

Guides To Craft Your Dreams Becoming Reality

Everybody has had a dream at some time or another and later woke up thinking it could become a great movie. The process of making your dreams becoming reality is daunting for those who have never done it before in their life.

The thought of having to memorize lines and finding actors can be a discouraging feeling. Not all movies need to be a blockbuster in the movie theaters to be successful. Let’s take a look at some aspects of how to establish goals and improve the chances of success.

Capture Important Details

083116-capturedetails-150x150 Guides To Craft Your Dreams Becoming Reality

One of the most important tasks of turning a dream into reality is capturing all of the details.

Keep a pad of paper and pen near the bed so that you can record notes about everything, in particular for a reoccurring dream.

The reason is that when you replay it in your mind the brain will recollect more details.

 Establish The Script

083116-establishscript-150x150 Guides To Craft Your Dreams Becoming Reality

A typical movie sequence includes an opening identifying the main characters with their background. Establish character attitudes and personalities along with any special capabilities early on. An audience should know what characters can and can’t do before they go off on an adventure.

The adventure itself should include several hooks throughout the film. Viewers appreciate being on the edges of their seats waiting to see what happens next. About two-thirds of the way into the movie there should be a climax based on past events.

The conclusion of the film then leads to a resolution that overcomes a problem. An alternative is splitting the story up into several pieces. The ending of one movie teases audience members about what might happen in the next part.

Plan Everything Out

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The standard method used in the film industry to lay out a plot is with the use of storyboarding. Storyboarding looks like several cartoon panels similar to comic strips found in the local newspaper.

A panel may character dialog along with a description of the scene. The description explains the character’s thought process and what they’ll do next.

Storyboarding also makes it easier to review which physical elements you need to shoot the film.

Use Quality Costumes

Regardless of what type of movie it is, all actors will need costumes to wear on the set. Outsource costumes that you can’t make yourself to a professional. You can find costumes from dresses for princesses to armor for nights guarding a castle.

Pay Attention To Ambiance

083116-payattentiontoambience Guides To Craft Your Dreams Becoming Reality

Source background props for use during production from Etsy or a local second-hand store. Accessories can include anything from a chair, a table, pictures on the wall, as well as nontraditional elements.

For example, to imply summer time a sprinkler shooting water could be visible in a distant window. You don’t need every item from your dream if it doesn’t move the plot forward.

However, if you believe that a particular piece is important, then make sure to include it. Be sure to also consider whether scenes will take place on land, sea, or in the air.

Use Essential Audio

083116-useessentialaudioeffects Guides To Craft Your Dreams Becoming Reality

Another element of movies includes song, sound effects, and a music score or soundtrack. Create simple sound effects such as a thumping sound by pounding your fist on a table. Simulate walking with a recording device as people walk nearby wearing different types of shoes.

Inexpensive sound effects and music scores are also available from the website Featured “gigs” start as low as five dollars and can go up to hundreds of dollars. You will find both amateur and professional recording artists with high-quality equipment. Such audio files with lyrics are usually ready within a week for use in your movie.

Find Passionate Actors

Depending on the plot, appropriate actors might not be available from friends and family. You will need to look external to find nearby actors and actresses willing to play the part. A great resource is to by pursuing others at the website

MeetUp is a list of user groups listing people with common interests. Almost every city has a MeetUp group that discusses just about any topic imaginable. Some are into fishing, board games, or stage play. Be sure to check Meetup if you are in need of adults and children to play a role in your movie.

You can also find videographers at MeetUp. Very useful when you don’t already have an appropriate camera and lighting.

Share It With The World

Distribution of movie doesn’t need to go through a large movie studio. YouTube is a great place to start a film career online as long as you follow the guidelines posted on their website. Check out YouTube’s Creator Hub for more information.

Crowdfunding has become a popular method of funding a movie. It involves pitching your movie idea to the world and accepting small donations. Those who donate towards video production expect a gift in exchange such as a download of the movie.

An award may also include pre-screeing access, private interviews with actors, one of a kind props, attending a related activity, or voting on the title. Make sure to check out KickStarter’s and Indigogo’s best practices about crowdfunding.

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Your Dreams Becoming Reality

The above items just scratch the surface when it comes to turning a dream into a successful movie. Try to provide movie watchers with a positive experience with good actors and costumes. These things along with a strong story and passion are the essential keys to success, below is a handy reminder of the steps. If you enjoyed this article please share it with others you know who are interested in making their dreams becoming reality.

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