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lady-taking-the-divergent-thinking-test What Is The Divergent Thinking Test?

What Is The Divergent Thinking Test?

The Divergent Thinking Test is a way to come up with creative ideas and generate positive leads, business ideas, and more in a place of business. There are many ways to go about this and what works well for one person or business, may not work as well for another.

Divergent thinking, according to Wikipedia, is a thought process that helps you come up with a variety of scenarios that will generate a variety of possibilities and solutions.

Divergent thinking is far more likely to be found in those who are nonconformists, those who prefer to think outside the box, those who are more likely to dance to the beat of their own drum than those who follow rigid rules and regulations to get to where they’re going.

The divergent thinker will take risks, curious and very persistent. What is a divergent person most likely to do that everyone else says can’t be done?

There are many great activities that will promote divergent thinking. These activities include creating and designing lists of questions and potential solutions, setting time aside to just meditate and think about a topic or problem and all the potential solutions,

They will brainstorm with others and consider alternative theories and possibilities as well as subject or bubble mapping in their sessions. This is the personality that will keep a journal near the bed stand and is likely to wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant solution to your question.

They will jot down the solution and go right back to sleep having resolved your issue at hand in their sleep. These personalities are very artistic and will focus on art, writing and write nonstop until they have it all out of their system.

Divergent thinking test is for such thinking that will involve a lot of questions and answers that to the other personality types seem to be obvious. The divergent thinker, however, will write on and on listing out potential outcomes all for the same situation.

One such test involves a paperclip. The divergent thinker is asked to consider all the possibilities, aside from keeping documents together, that they can use a paperclip for. The more uses they can come up with, the more likely they are to be a divergent thinker.

Another such test is to give them a piece of paper with one line on it and ask them to complete the drawing. The more creative the result, the more likely the person is to be a divergent thinker.

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One test, that seeks only one answer, is to use riddles. Psychologists have long used riddles to see how people will resolve the riddle. The goal in riddles is to have your divergent thinker come up with the right answer instead of a list of potential answers that may or may not be the correct solution.

Remote associations is another great evaluating test. In this divergent thinking test, a person is given three to four words that have nothing in common and asked to give another word that will connect the three to four words together. The solution will come as a sudden insight.

They often give the candle test and will yield a simple solution once the person thinks about it. Here’s how it works. The person is taken to a room. In the room is a table. On your table is a candle, a book of matches and a box of thumbtacks. The person must put the candle on the wall and light it without the wax dripping onto your table. The answer is simple once the person figures it out.

Being a divergent thinker and coming up with innovative ideas is one way that many businesses are coming up with new techniques and methods of accomplishing things. Innovative thinking and adaptations can be very important for those in marketing and other fields that need new and innovative methods of doing the same old thing.

Many employers will give a divergent thinking test as part of pre-employment screening to see where a potential employee will fit into your company.

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