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headphone-jack-disconnecting-from-technology Disconnecting From Technology - More Effective Ways To Recharge

Disconnecting From Technology – More Effective Ways To Recharge

Technology is a curious thing because it helps the world to develop at a rapid speed, but also because it seems to rob us of our soul. Yes, this might sound a little melodramatic. But when there are studies about children and how they don’t develop social skills because of social media and smartphone addictions, it’s not such a dramatic statement anymore.

Make no mistake; our goal is not to pound technology or testify to the evil it brings. Instead, it acts as a reminder we are more than what we perceive. And sometimes, it requires disconnecting from technology to appreciate what this means.

You are a manager or employee that spends a big part of your day in an office or cubicle. And you are using technology around the clock to get work done. You might be tired and stressed all the time – clear signs you may need to be disconnecting from technology for a moment or two.    

Common Questions

How do you disconnect from technology?

  1. Learn how to meditate and relax
  2. Exercise (without headphones!)
  3. Read a physical book, not a digital reader.
  4. Sleep in silence, no late night social media.

How can I stay disconnected?

Unplugging wires and relocating electronics to an inconvenient place is a good start. Find yourself a lock safe to store distracting gadgets that can only be opened during specific hours of the day. Keep a library of inspirational literature within an arms reach on nearby shelves to satisfy that information fix. Switch to a manual alarm clock next to the bed instead of using your smartphone to resist the temptation.

It’s Okay To Disconnect

It’s okay to ignore technology and the digital world. In fact, it is recommended to spend quality time with your thoughts and reflections. And before sharing some of the best ways you can disconnect, consider why you are doing it.  

  • It sparks creativity
  • It keeps you motivated
  • It helps to sustain confidence

When you implement the following tips, you can expect to see a big change in your life.

Learn To Meditate

Not everyone gets how meditation can make you a better person. Just sitting for three or thirty minutes makes little sense, so why waste all this time every day?

It’s important to note how sitting quietly affects your body, and your mind. For example, we base meditation on breathing and visualization techniques. And when you breathe specifically, it can alter and slow down your heart-rate. The result? A relaxed state where you don’t feel overwhelmed or tense.

Instead, you feel able and confident. And the problems you were facing don’t seem as impossible as they did just a few minutes ago. Meditating regularly influences your life. You are more patient and clear-headed in pressure situations. It helps you to get in touch with your creative side.

Go For A Run

Many people don’t realize that exercise and being active comes with very therapeutic consequences. And research shows how exercise helps to release hormonese to fight stress and anxiety.

Consider setting aside 30 minutes to just disconnect from technology and go for a run. Because not only will it help you clear your mind, it helps you feel better. Your body learns to build up energy the more you push it, leaving you in a better mood.

Read A Book

You’ll be amazed at how a physical book can get those creative juices flowing. And sometimes you need to feel the pages between your fingers as you get enthralled in a good story. This is effective if you need to get into a creative space. Try putting your digital reader away and pulling out your favorite novel.  Keep a pen and paper handy nearby to record any inspiration that comes to mind, then get back to reading.

Remove Electronics From Your Bedroom

Chances are your office is filled with electronic devices and equipment, which is understandable. But what about your electronics at home? It is interesting to note that your brain won’t shut off when you keep electronics in your bedroom. This is because your subconscious mind finds itself in a productive state – not the ideal situation for sleeping.

Nobody denies that technology helps to achieve some amazing things. But it doesn’t justify the way we neglect our mental well-being. So, think about disconnecting from technology even if only for a few minutes.   Now here’s some irony, share your story on how you’ll disconnect from technology via one of the social buttons below.

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