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keyboard-desk-job-gadgets-and-gizmos Awesome Desk Job Gadgets And Gizmos

Awesome Desk Job Gadgets And Gizmos

The modern office can be a boring place. Workers sit at their desks day in and day out, completing mind-numbing tasks that take away energy with every passing second. Your office doesn’t have to be this way as things can be added to improve morale and foster creative thought processes. In addition to office toys, here are a few more must-have desk job gadgets and gizmos to have around your office.

Common Questions

What desk job gadgets does everyone need?

Everyone needs gadgets that will stimulate the senses and work the muscles. Sky Panels and a Moma Perpetual Calendar are great on the eyes. Exercise the hand muscles with a Sticky Notes Roller and a Virtual Keyboard. Listen to others through your ears with a Star Trek Bluetooth Combadge.

Which desk job gadgets are under $50?

The Moma Perpetual Calendar and Virtual Keyboard are around $30, the Sticky Notes Roller is about $10, and a Star Trek Combadge is sometimes on sale for less than $50.

Sky Panels

The fluorescent lights embedded in the ceiling keep the room bright, but they aren’t anything special. People often see these and become bored with the office. However, there is a way you can change the way these lights look to decorate your office and give it a more creative and customary vibe that can put workers in a creative mood.

Sky Panels are light diffusers that feature serene and tranquil visuals placed over fluorescent lights. Being able to see a beautiful blue sky with fluffy clouds or a forest of autumn trees overhead will make any office worker happy.

Star Trek Bluetooth Combadge

Many office workers have to make phone calls as part of their job. They have a standard phone that can do the usual functions of a phone, including being able to work with a Bluetooth headset. Making calls at work can be a little more fun with a Star Trek Bluetooth Combadge.

It looks like the communication device used in Star Trek: The Next Generation and used with existing phones. It even makes the same sound effects when incoming calls happen and can answer calls with one touch.

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Sticky Note Roller

Everyone who works in the office uses sticky notes. Either they’ve had to remind themselves to do something, or to send a message to someone. While these products work, they’re a little bland and could be more interesting. The Sticky Notes Roller looks like a paint roller and contains a roll of sticky note paper. Office workers can roll off the paper as if they were rolling paint on a surface.

Virtual Keyboard

Being tethered to the standard office keyboard is like being chained to a desk. It serves its purpose, but the keyboard is dull and doesn’t give a lot of freedom. There’s the choice of using a wireless keyboard, but it’s just a slightly less dull version of the classic device. An alternative that lets the worker type anywhere is the Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard.

This device is like something right out of the future, it projects a virtual field that resembles the layout of a keyboard on any flat surface. The small device connects to anything that can accept keyboards and lets workers create a comfortable typing environment.

Foot Hammock

Relaxing while doing work is something that every office worker wants. The office furniture that is available is ergonomic to a certain extent, but this may not be enough to give workers maximum comfort for creativity and efficiency.

Employees can improve their ergonomic conditions with a Miniature Foot Hammock. The hammock can be positioned underneath a desk between two points and will hang in place. It allows workers to place their feet up as if they were resting on an ottoman at home.

Moma Perpetual Calendar

One of the most interesting desk job gadgets and gizmos available is the Moma Perpetual Calendar. It functions like a calendar, but it’s a bit abnormal as it uses magnetic balls to arrange the date. It looks like it’s from the future and will give people a mental challenge as they try to figure out how it works.

These desk job gadgets and gizmos look cool, are a great conversation starter, and can help workers express creativity to put them in the mood to do their jobs. Don’t be the envy of the office, let others know about these too!

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