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cubicle-storage-boxes-above-below-desk What Are Cubicle Storage Boxes?

What Are Cubicle Storage Boxes?

There’s typically not enough room for bookshelves, filing cabinets, etc.  when you work in a cubicle. It’s necessary for you to get creative with storage space.  One way to do that is with cubicle storage boxes.

These are boxes that are stackable and that let you store various items you need for work.  For examples, you can store books, papers, your workout clothes for when you exercise during your lunch breaks, etc.  It not only offers you more room to store your items, but it helps to keep your cubicle desk as clear as possible. For many people, a messy desk inhibits productivity.  

Common Questions

What sizes are cubicle storage boxes available in?

These storage boxes come in a wide range of designs and colors.  One of the most typical sizes is 11 x 11 x 11 inches. However, these are boxes that come in other sizes.

How to build a cubicle storage unit?

You can build a custom wicker storage basket by obtaining some willow then drying and soaking it before assembly. Wood storage boxes are easily built with the use of a saw and some glue to piece it all together.

1. Clear Plastic Boxes

One of the most affordable storage boxes is clear plastic boxes.  These are boxes you can see through that may have white tops or clear tops.  If you’re looking for functional boxes, you can place under your desk and that will not be a focus, clear plastic boxes are a good choice.

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2. Fabric Storage Boxes

For cubicle workers who want color in their cubicles, fabric storage boxes are a great choice.  They come in a wide variety of colors and are perfect for personalizing your space or matching the boxes with the colors of the general office.   If you don’t need to stack your boxes, you can place them side by side on the floor.  However, if you need to stack fabric boxes, there are stands you can set them in for stacking.

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3. Wicker Boxes for Storage

Wicker is a design style from the 1970s.  This kind of style is perfect for offices that have a focus on nature or health.  A wicker basket design gets associated with the environment and health and also looks great next to plants.  Place your wicker storage boxes side by side on the floor or place them in a stand to stack them. If your desk is big enough, you can also put such storage boxes on your desk.  This is a design that contributes to the overall look of your cubicle.

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4. Hard Plastic Storage Boxes

Hard plastic, the kind that is almost impossible to break, makes for great material for storage boxes.  You can get it in many colors, and it molded to be stackable, to fit in whatever area of your cubicle you want.

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5. Wood Box Bins

Another great design choice for your cubicle is wood boxes.  These are boxes that come in a wide variety of wood, and that looks good as a design choice.  Wood boxes are boxes you can buy, or if you’re handy with wood, you can create your own.

When using this form of boxes, even though you’re being given additional storage space, it’s a good idea to make the most of that storage space.  Only keep things inside your boxes you need. Instead of using more boxes than you need to, pay attention to what you’re putting inside your boxes.  Do you need every item you’re storing? Try to be as organized as possible with these boxes.

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Cubicle storage boxes are an excellent and efficient way to store your items.  These boxes make it possible for you to bring more things into your cubicle, without having to dump them on your desk or blocks your space.

The best way to find cubicle storage boxes is to search the Internet. That is where you see the most extensive variety of these boxes. However, if you’re creative, you can make your own storage boxes.  For example, if you’re good with wood, you can build your own wood boxes for storage.

After you search the internet, then it’s time to contribute to it by clicking one of these social sharing buttons to let others know which storage solution you plan to use at your office.

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