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cubicle-prank-ideas 5 Cubicle Prank Ideas - Easing Boredom In The Workplace

5 Cubicle Prank Ideas – Easing Boredom In The Workplace

There is nothing like a stale office environment and the same routine tasks to inspire nothing but boredom in your employees and leech away at their creativity. These cubicle prank ideas are a great way to ease your boredom and get employees to use a little creative thinking in a more lateral way.

However, there are concerns that must be taken into account when allowing office pranks in your workplace culture such as the health and safety of your employees and discrimination in one employee being targeted for pranks. So with these concerns in mind, here are five great ideas for cubicle pranks to get you and other employees started:

1. The Bathroom Cubicle

This is a great prank to play on an employee who seems to take more bathroom breaks than others. Find a loose toilet, basin and bath or shower if you can and place these in strategic places around the cubicle. For example, the toilet can replace the chair. You can take this prank to the extreme and hang (not stick) wallpaper that would be appropriate for a bathroom, choose bathroom appropriate pictures to decorate the walls and stack up rolls of toilet paper, soaps, shampoos and other bathroom paraphernalia on their desk..

2. The Fishy Drawer

Turn a co-worker’s filing drawer into a temporary fish tank and when they reach for their files, they might just get a huge, wet surprise. Line the drawer with a thick, transparent plastic and make sure to seal to prevent any leaks. Fill with water recommended for fish tanks and place sand and other fish tank related items in the tank. Then pop a few fish to take up residence in your coworker’s office drawer.

3. Sticky Note It

Choose an employee who just loves to paste sticky notes all over their cubicle as reminders and for other reasons. Grab those extra piles of sticky note pads in the stationery cupboard and stick the notes to every available surface. This can be a very creative prank and a message can be spelled out using the notes, or a picture created.

4. Send In The Clowns

Send your co-worker a bunch of balloons, not of the floating variety. The send another bunch, and another throughout your day until it fills their entire cubicle with balloons. This will keep your employees entertained for the entire day and add a great fun and festive atmosphere to the office. This is the ideal prank to play on someone on their birthday.

5. Recycling Nuts

Target the recycling nut in your office by placing all the paper from the waste paper baskets around your office in their cubicle. You can place cling film over the entrance to keep the waste paper inside the cubicle. This is also a great way to get your employees to think about how much paper they waste every day and get them on a recycling agenda.

It is best not to schedule pranks in your office so that employees aren’t aware of when a prank is about to be delivered putting them on their guard. Vary your pranks as much as possible and also use other areas of the office such as the break room, kitchen and restrooms to design pranks that target all your employees at once. Get everybody involved in providing cubicle prank ideas and the prank process and this will also provide a great team building experience.

Having a little fun with cubicle prank ideas in your office is a great way to create a work environment that your employees looking forward to coming to work every day. Be sure to let the the world know how you pulled off the prank via one of the social buttons below!

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