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creative-punishments How Can Creative Punishments Help Meet Your Goals?

How Can Creative Punishments Help Meet Your Goals?

We set ourselves a goal and then waver from the path, or we set a goal and forget about working out the steps that we need to take to reach that goal. Perhaps it’s time to implement some creative punishments.

Creative Punishments and Goals can be anything

They need not be anything grandiose such as buying a house or a car, Even simple goals such as taking 30 minutes to exercise every couple of days… or trying to lose some weight… or reading good books… or eating healthy meals more often can be daunting.

Several online sites can help you to track the progress that you are making towards your goals. They will also track the times that you fail to meet one of those aims. Two websites that can help are and which allows you to set up and track goals.

Setting goals for yourself are the easy bit, but sticking to them can be tough, and this is where an online site can help. You can set up a goal with a group of people and are encouraged to meet your daily targets. These sites will also allow you to give yourself rewards when you meet your goals or ‘punishments’ if you do not!

Missing out on a few steps while trying to meet a goal, break a bad habit or contribute to group goals should not become a major issue in your life.

Becoming creative punishments can make the entire process fun and encourage you to work that bit harder to meet your targets. Try to think of things that you do not enjoy much as a basis for your punishments. Here are a few ideas that you can consider:

Goal: Save $100 each month toward buying a big ticket item. If one month you do not meet your goal of saving your $100 then think of a penalty that must be repeated. You could set your punishment at taking out the trash every week, or cleaning the pool every week. Try undertaking an unpleasant task around the house.

Goal: Complete a school or work project by a specific date. If you fail at this, then remove a privilege that you enjoy. Try no television for a week, no books to read, no downloading e-books, or missing the next free admission day at the zoo that you enjoy visiting.

Goal: Lose a certain amount of weight. This goal can be set up with many daily tasks which may include eating healthy, exercise, or drinking water. Missing one of your daily tasks again? Then try thinking of something that will encourage you to meet that duty the next day.

Skipped your healthy lunch for a burger? A creative punishment could be to pack a healthy lunch every day for the next week.

If you lead a group of people, consider using one of these sites to motivate your members to work together to meet a goal. Many will agree to this if told in advance.


Habitica is especially suitable for children as it simulates a computer game and you could draw up creative punishments and rewards.

Punishments could start as small as missing a break to tidying the room or no video games. Gradually progress to missing an outing for missing goals and not getting back on track.

As the leader of a weight loss group, the goal could be to lose 50 pounds each month collectively. Members that do not contribute to the collective loss can make a healthy meal for all other members. In this way, you get all the members together for a chat, and you enjoy a healthy meal together.

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If your members are not all in the same city, get those that have not contributed to finding ten or twenty recipes on the internet for healthy meals. Copy recipes into a recipe book and distribute to all members of the group.

These are creative consequences as it is extra work to be done, but it is also an encouragement for all members of the group to continue to eat healthy meals.

If you need to use a tool to help you to meet your goals, don’t make the punishments for not meeting the steps along the way onerous and hard on your pocket.

Take the time to think of the things that will convince you to stay the course. The feeling of achievement at the end will be reward enough for putting up with a little discomfort along the way.

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creative-punishments How Can Creative Punishments Help Meet Your Goals?