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creative-block-e1481429066732 Squash Your Creative Block By Pondering These Questions

Squash Your Creative Block By Pondering These Questions

When overcoming creative block a good place to start is by asking “what if?” or “why?” questions. Some examples might include “what if it was a circular shape?” Another question might be “what if it could float on water?”

Continue asking questions about the topic and eventually, something new will come to mind. The result can lead to an innovative design, and everyone will find appealing. Be thinking of these questions while implementing the following creative block bashers.

It’s Normal To Be Overwhelmed

Sometimes working on a creative project can cause mental blocks due to being overwhelmed. In these cases, it’s best to break it up into bite-sized pieces and work on a little bit at a time. If time permits, writing a sentence or two about each part but don’t finish the paragraph.

Put it away and sleep on it, or least wait several hours for returning to the project. Your mind will subconsciously think up new ideas in the background while you’re performing other tasks.

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Minimize Distractions

Distractions can become a hindrance to the creative process. Thus, try to disconnect from the outside world as much as possible. It means unplugging your network cable or disconnecting from WiFi.

Also, configure your cell phone to Do-Not-Disturb mode. Do this by putting it into airplane mode or turn down the ringer. Ignore notifications by putting the phone into a different room to further help overcome creative block.

If you still need to be available for emergencies, use the feature that blocks all calls except those from specific numbers.

Trigger The Senses

The body has several senses that trigger depending on the environment. Try taking your creative project to a different location even if it’s just a different room.

Your eyes will have new sights to see, your nose with new smells, different sounds and the feeling on your skin will be unique. Sit in a different type of chair and at a table made out of something else (wood versus metal).

With all these senses provoked your mind will process information differently. Beating creative block should be much easier with new stimulation.

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Build Momentum

Sometimes just getting started is enough to get things moving even if your first draft makes no sense. Almost nobody has the gift of creating a perfect first draft.

The momentum psychologically encourages you to see it to completion even there’s a lot of editing afterward.

It’s better to start on something than to produce nothing. Overcoming creative block is the bane of procrastination whether you are writing an article or authoring a book. ‘

Facts And Assumptions

Another tactic to pursue is listing out known facts that aren’t in dispute. Next list out assumptions such as the environment and encounters. Challenge each assumption and see what comes up.

In the example of an article, perhaps the assumed target group can be changed. Look into attracting a different demographic than initially.

The other demographic has different needs and feeling. Their ways of doing things weren’t under considering before.

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Overcome Creative Block By Listening To Music

Listening to music which doesn’t have spoken words has helped students studying for an exam. Students listen to the music while studying for a test, then later just before the exam, they’ll listen to the same music. This memory easily recalled information from the study session.

Use the same concept during your creativity sessions to get rid of creative block. While instrumental music is best, any favorite song from your childhood will do.

When you play that song today, it will trigger memories of your past that you can use in a current project. You may discover or reveal a long lost memory.

Push The Limits

Most projects have an outline of what should and shouldn’t be done. There will still be some limitations that are not defined, and that’s where the real freedom is.

For example, take a project description that suggests it needs to include the colors red and green. Without distinct hues means it could be bright red, dark green, or even saturated.

If there are no specifications, create’artificial constraints and then see what’fits. If there’s no deadline, create your own deadline. It causes the brain to think through the process much quicker. If you had stuck to the original loosely defined deadline, then there’s no sense of urgency.

And while we’re pushing limits, here’s a slideshow of the above points consolidated into even fewer words.

overcoming-creative-block Squash Your Creative Block By Pondering These Questions