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cool-office-toys-tractors 8 Cool Office Toys That Will Kill Productivity

8 Cool Office Toys That Will Kill Productivity

One of the cool office toys that has always ruled the roost and that is Newton’s Cradle – the mesmerizing action of those silver balls striking each other has kept the desk-bound fascinated for decades. But are there other toys that can take its place?

The answer is without a doubt, Yes. Several new gizmos that can not only entertain – but also take some stress from your desk job. let’s look at some of the most popular and cool office toys on the market.


The first has to be Magnetic Balls. these tiny magnetic balls come in packs that can number in the hundreds. They can be molded into any shape your imagination can supply. Squares, towers or a simple mat – they are endless fun.

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Drones Are The New Cool Office Toys

And what small business would be complete without a drone buzzing about. The new interior friendly drones are tiny and a huge amount of fun. With simple designs and control panels, they are perfect to fly around indoors and remove the stress of that day-to-day office environment. Plus – if you are confident enough you can always buzz a coworker.

Fidget Cubes

They may not be as popular as they once were – but fidget cubes are still among the best selling cool office toys. Fidget Cubes need no maintenance and you can continue to be productive while you fiddle with the various gizmos on the cube that made them so popular. It results in great, albeit mindless fun – and they also serve the purpose of bringing down stress level before that all important strategy meeting.

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Ferrofluid sounds complex – and in reality isn’t a toy. But place it on your desktop and you will be in danger of losing many productive hours. Ferrofluid was invented in 1963 by a NASA scientist as rocket fuel. But as fun as watching large man-made objects leave the Earth’s atmosphere is – this is even more fun on the top of your desk.

This stuff loves magnets. Ferrofluid comes in a bottle of water suitable as an office desk decoration. Put a magnet nearby and it forms the most incredible shapes. No two will ever be the same. This is the recipe for hours of science-based fun.

Magic Eight Ball

If you want to go back to the classics, there is always the 80’s. This is now one of the best desktop toys available. With a classic design and the ‘magical’ answer, you might have been searching for to analyze business trends and direct your strategy The Magic Eight Ball still has a place outside the toy box and on your desk.

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Silly Putty

Hearkening back to the 70’s is the classic Silly Putty. This is great to hold – and who hasn’t ‘dinged’ this stuff off a solid surface to see if it bounces. remove your stress by stretching and snapping or getting that mirror image from the newsprint of your choice. Just great, simple fun for your office.

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It’s Slinky! It’s Slinky!

One invention that will give you both a sense of nostalgia and a sense of fun. That is the slinky. there is no one at all who does not enjoy the sound and sight of a Slinky moving from one hand to another. It has captured the hearts of both young and old – and deserves a place on your office desk.

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Remote Controlled Cars

Moving towards to 21st century is another distraction – and relaxation aid. This is the micro remote control car. Available for only a few dollars these tiny tearaways can offer hours of fun – and many of them are rechargeable. Heck for the price, buy one for everybody in your office and stage cubicle races.

So many options are available to take the edge off the stress in the office. Take a little time and explore them. Many of these cool office toys are less expensive than you might think.

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