Skill-improving Computer Wallpaper Pictures

Computer Wallpaper Pictures2Your choice of computer wallpaper pictures can customize the work environment. While some prefer to stare at a picture of their loved ones or pets all day, others would rather work on improving a skill such as creativity. 

Sometimes to stimulate creativity requires external influence. Kids like to use cardboard boxes to imagine they are inside a rocket ship traveling into outer space. People watching is a common activity at the park where the observer cannot hear the conversation, but they’ll invent a story based on the body language of two distant individuals conversing.

Use Your Mind To Fill the void

red candle in darkness      lady on a beach      ice-winter

These computer wallpaper pictures all have blank areas with nothing there. For example,  the cold weather picture of tree branches has geometric shapes in between. How could you arrange those shapes to create a known item? Perhaps filled with specific colors it would form a star. Another way to look at these void areas is to look at it like a coloring book. If you had crayons which colors would you paint into what shape?

The lady looking across an empty beach near the ocean horizon appears to be looking at nothing. Put yourself in her shoes and try to predict what she is thinking. An excellent way to build your creative skills is to make up a story based on the visual representation in front of you.

How about this red candle surrounded by darkness? What type of room do you think the candles are in and why is it the only candle there? This is another void for you to fill in the blank and play make-believe with what you don’t see.

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Look Through The Blur To Gain Clarity

blurry lights      blurry rain      blurry lights2

These images all seem to have lights in the distance. It is blurry around these sites and that makes it difficult to tell where the images were taken. This lack of information is another place where you can exercise your creative skills to make the best guess. Perhaps they are emitting from a dance club? Or those lights are police cars blocking traffic in the distance?

Use your imagination to fill in the blank with what you might be looking at before you trying to do an image match on the internet. The intriguing of not knowing can sometimes be more exciting than knowing the facts.

Don’t Mask Your Creativity

firefighters-equipment      firefighters      firefighter-fire

A common theme among these three images is the people are all wearing masks. The masks in these situations all appear related to emergency response. Yet another example where you can fill in the blank to decide what the hoopla is all about?

The backgrounds in these scenes, although static, gives the pictures a wide dynamic of possibilities. Is there a fire? Perhaps a gas leak? A chemical spill that can damage skin without proper protection? The activities in these images can generate a heightened sense of alertness compared to the calm feelings from earlier images.

Customize Your Desktop Today

We have discussed filling in the void, or blank areas with thoughts of our own trying to understand what we are seeing. Blurry pictures can obscure the view, and yet the lack of information allows the mind to wander. Images of activity can generate high levels of thought activity trying to decode just what is happening. .Make sure to visit to download these all these computer wallpaper pictures for free for use on your computer.

Everyday Creativity Becomes Routine

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