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water-bottles-are-one-of-many-company-swag-ideas 4 Company Swag Ideas That Can Work Wonders

4 Company Swag Ideas That Can Work Wonders

There are those that love to say it’s the thought that counts, but this doesn’t hold true in the world of company swag ideas. Gifts that appear lame and generic can backfire as they send a message to your employees you don’t know them.  Coming across as tone-deaf or disconnected from the rank and file of your cubicle farm can hurt the respect, trust, and loyalty they have for you.

The right gifts can cause great vibes in the workplace and gratitude. When you pick the right corporate swag ideas, you give your employees and coworkers things that might make them smile or laugh, and something useful in their lives.

If you hit a home run, you’ll give them something they never thought of having, and any corporate gift they find useful is just one more thing they don’t have to spend their paycheck on when shopping. These company swag ideas can reinforce your corporate image and branding among your staff while giving them something they love and can use.

Branded Cell Phone Car Mounts

You’d think your employees are safety-conscious enough to not use their wireless devices while driving, but what are the odds that happens? These help your workforce stay hands-free and safe when behind the wheel. You can order these in bulk, customizing the artwork and colors as you choose, although it is helpful to get a few test units first to make they stick in place.

These innovative items impress employees that wouldn’t ever think to try one or risk their money on it, and they are among the most popular out there. They work better than handing out phone cases since employees might not want their job branding visible in their hands 24/7.

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Branded Yoga Mats

Customized gear recognizes the inner divinity of those employees who take part in this activity. Everyone understands that a yoga practice can improve your health, and once someone has a mat, they are more likely to use it. If you want to take things a step further, have a yoga instructor come in for gentle sessions right there in the office, or have a yoga guru on your staff lead a lunchtime class.

You might even set up free online yoga videos in a break room or conference room. Employees love these because those who are yogis can never have enough mats, and even those that don’t practice yoga can still use an exercise mat for something. At the least, parents might use such a mat for their children as a naptime space.

Reusable Straws As Company Swag Ideas

There’s a growing awareness about the threat of plastic garbage. Plastic straws alone are a shocking danger to the world’s ecosystems, as millions of people just throw out these benign plastic sticks anywhere without a second thought. The accumulation in landfills and oceans is staggering.

Your employees might believe big business doesn’t care about the environment, so you’d go a long way in impressing them you are different when you hand these out. It will help them feel they’re making a difference in the world.

Water Filtration Bottles

If you have a water cooler, it serves a necessary function or two on the edge of your cubicle city. Not only do employees stay hydrated, but they might also get a minute or two to chat with others, blowing off a little steam from work or just enjoying being on their feet for a few minutes in the middle of another day of desk work. However, water filtration bottles mean they can use any source of water to get clean, crisp water.

Those that aren’t near the water cooler can get water faster, and anyone who just doesn’t like going to the cooler can skip it. Besides, what happens if the water cooler runs out? Once coworkers realize how handy these are, they’re likely to use them outside of work.

Modern manufacturing advances make it possible to get quantities of branded items made just for your crew and office, especially with 3D printing. Choose company swag items that your employees are sure to love, and you’ll bat a home run.

Now let’s knock it out of the park by sharing these swag ideas with others!

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