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commute-by-escalator Variety Is Spice - Commute By Water, Snow, or Escalator

Variety Is Spice – Commute By Water, Snow, or Escalator

Office workers commute by a variety of transportation methods to get to work. Some like to ride the bus while others will take the train. Another common way of getting to work is riding a bike or scooter. Some like to jog or walk to work when the weather is nice, but not everyone is common.


The most common method is driving to work either solo in your own vehicle or in a carpool with others. Carpool options can include individuals taking turns driving others to the office in their own car. There are also organized carpools where vans rented from local transit agencies available for use during the work week. Ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft also offer a choice to take you from point A to point B while also picking up other riders along the way. Despite the health and environmental benefits, only 9% of Americans carpooled in 2016.


Not everyone has the luxury of a wheeled vehicle and thus have to commute by their own two feet. Take, for example, the guy that used to walk 11 miles both ways without his boss knowing about it. Once others in the business found out everyone pitched in based on a suggestion and purchased a Saturn car for him. Did you know around 2.7% of Americans walked to work in 2016?

Flying Cars

On the topic of cars, several companies are working on flying vehicles besides the traditional airplane and helicopter. Flying cars and taxis will become commonplace soon. The recent popularity of drones and artificial intelligence for self-driving vehicles and self-piloted aircraft will only speed up the time when flying vehicles become the norm.


Not all methods of transportation are on a hard surface or in the air. There are offices that are only available, or at least more conveniently accessed, via water. This is not your typical ferry in the middle of a large city, rather these boats and kayaks require manual paddling to cross over to the other side and to get downstream.

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Commute By Swimming

Boats aren’t the only way to cross a body of water. A man in Munich has decided that he will swim to work instead of drive to avoid the crazy rush hour traffic in his area. Not only is he not having to deal with other drivers, he enjoys the exercise during these swim sessions.

20 MInute Escalator

Anybody who has traveled through an airport used an escalator or walkway to travel through a terminal. The time to travel from one end to the felt like it took forever when your goal is to catch a connecting plane on time. Imagine having to spend 20 minutes on escalators in walkways for your commute to work. That is the case in Hong Kong where commuters stand on moving platforms for several minutes at a time., While they are outdoors, at least they have a cover overhead.

Mountain Cable Car

You may be familiar with picking a ski lift to get to the top of a mountain. Imagine a lift intended for travel both up and down the mountain where there is no snow. A Bolivia cable car system installed in the year 2014 transports thousands of people up and down a mountain every day. Check out the video below for more information about how it was built.

Ice Skating

Some places have snow for half of the year. In these situations, it is common for people to travel by sleds or ice skating. While there are roads available, the opportunity to exercise on the way to work it’s hard to pass up and safer too.

Regardless of which method of transportation you commute by, just remember someone out there is breaking tradition with their own unique ways of getting to work. It’s time to get creative and see if you can find a non-traditional way of getting to work.

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commute-by-escalator- Variety Is Spice - Commute By Water, Snow, or Escalator