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capable-of-doing Creatively Show What You Are Capable Of Doing

Creatively Show What You Are Capable Of Doing

Your office cubicle can become a world of your own. Remember, it is the place where you spend more time than even at home. However, with the increased pressure at work, it is easy to feel bored in that small space. You may have your colleague or friend sitting in the next cubicle and you may not see his/her face throughout the day because of the work you have to finish.

Life becomes mundane after a period if this continues for weeks and months at a stretch. But if you want to make your life in a cubicle more interesting and show what you are capable of doing, here are some things you can start with:

Make a creativity list

Making a creativity list is not similar to making a to-do list. Creativity lists will help to make your work life easier. You can use simple pen and paper or make a creativity list on your computer. This list will have all your ideas about how to complete the task. However, it is important that you find time to add to this list every day and follow the ideas from time to time.

Decorate your cubicle

This is something that will prove how creative you are. More than anyone else, you will be satisfied with your workplace. Even a small cubicle can be decorated and personalized. This will not make you feel mundane every day when you come to work. It is almost enjoyed walking into your home.

Start by putting up photos of your family or wallpapers or even magnets you like. Besides photos and stuff, you can get unique pen stands or your own coffee mug. These will add the personal touch that many people lack in their office cubicle. You will at least look forward to seeing your cubicle every day.

Using office organization hacks

Office cubicles are not like personal cabins where you have enough space to keep all your papers and stationery. You will often get cramped for space and that is when you need to be creative with organization hacks and show others why you are different and what you are capable of doing. Start with pinboards where you can hang the work you have to complete by the end of your day.

You can also make a to-do list as soon as you come to your cubicle. Keep crossing out the work you finish. This will keep you motivated to finish the next task. You should also label everything you have on your cubicle desk. From important meeting files to documents to scan, labeling things will help to keep you organized.

Try a minimalistic approach

Sometimes, your creativity lies because how you can make “less appear to be more”. If you have a wooden cubicle and only your laptop, a single coffee mug can do the trick. The cleanliness of your cubicle will stand out from the rest and that is the creativity you can come up with. Or, you can mix and match your cubicle every month.

You can decorate it with family photos, magnets, to-do lists, and everything on one month and then keep them away and just have your computer and a pen stand or a coffee mug to try the minimalistic approach. This will impress everyone because you get to tweak with the cubicle whenever you want.

Use your drawers

A cluttered cubicle space can disturb your mindset at work. Even a small work can seem to be huge if everything is disorganized. So, keep your paperwork in respective drawers and label them.

This may not be something very creative but it is an organizational skill that many people lack. When you are confident of your skills and know that you are capable of doing better than your colleagues, don’t slip the opportunity by being disorganized.

Making your workplace a more personalized space will be successful when you are creative. Doing small changes can have a big impact on your productivity and overall efficiency at your office. What small change will you make? Click one of the social button below to let everybody know!

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