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call-center-night-shift-tips Call Center Night Shift Tips: How To Survive The Dark Hours

Call Center Night Shift Tips: How To Survive The Dark Hours

If you have just landed a job in a call center that pays well and offers the kinds of things you want in a job, it may excite you to work. However, you may be worried about working the night shift, if you are used to working during the day. If you want to stay awake and alert throughout your shift, there are some helpful call center night shift tips to follow that can benefit you in several ways.

Common Questions

How do you stay awake for the night shift?

Have a cup of coffee, listen to upbeat music, engage in conversation with others in the office, exercise, and bring items from home to stay entertained.

How can I stay healthy working the night shift?

Avoid junk food and instead, try having a fruit salad. The nutrients will provide a boost of energy.

Have the Coffee Brewing

While people are getting into bed at night, you will start your shift. If you want to feel energized going into work, have the coffee brewing and ready to go by the time you want to leave your home to get to work.

Just like you would have a cup of coffee in the morning, you can have your cup of coffee at the start of your shift to give you that extra boost. However, try to stick with having just one or two cups because you do not want to overdo it throughout the night.

Listen to Your Favorite Songs

If you are allowed to listen to music, take advantage of that opportunity and have a playlist composed of all your favorite songs you can listen to throughout your shift. Listening to upbeat music could make you feel awake and ready to get a lot more work done. Make sure you are not listening to songs that will make you feel sleepy or put your straight to sleep while you are sitting at your desk.

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Engage in Some Conversation

If talking with your co-workers is an option, try to engage in some conversations with different co-workers. Having someone to talk to throughout your shift could help to keep you awake and busy. You may talk about all kinds of things, including dream vacations, places you have visited, what you like to do in your spare time, and current events in the world.

Bring Items to Stay Entertained

When things are not so busy at work, you may need to have something to do to keep you up and entertained so you do not end up falling asleep on your desk. There are tons of different items you can bring to work with you to keep yourself occupied.

Some items include word puzzles, brain teaser puzzles, books you want to read, magazines, and even colored pencils so you can draw and do something for yourself when things aren’t busy. If you have plenty of things to do, you will not feel as tired.

Do Simple Yoga Exercises

Because you may sit in a cubicle, you probably do not have a lot of space to move around. However, if you need something to while waiting for phone calls or waiting to receive more work, you can always do simple yoga exercises on the floor under your cubicle.

Have a Snack

Grab something tasty to eat to keep you awake. Instead of reaching for junk food, try having a fruit salad. The vitamins and nutrients in the fruit salad will give you natural energy you must have to keep going and to get everything done at work by the end of your shift.

These call center night shift tips are worth a try if you are worried about being able to stay up throughout your shift. There are many people who work the night shift and enjoy it, but it may take getting used to in the beginning. By following these helpful tips, you should be able to make such a change. Be sure to share the knowledge with those working late with you.

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