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Avoid-Call-Center-Burnout Avoid Call Center Burnout Without Going Crazy

Avoid Call Center Burnout Without Going Crazy

Few people know how stressful working at a call center or as customer care representative can be. Many people assume it’s just like any other 8 to 5 job but it’s not. Customer service is demanding, monotonous and sometimes even boring or unfulfilling. Because of this, a phenomenon known as call center burnout arises. Someone has to do the job, but does it have to be as bad as it sounds? The simple answer to this is – No!

Common Questions

How to improve the call center environment?

Offer healthy food options in the break room, provide free filtered water for hydration, and encourage exercise during breaks with a designated workout area.

What is call center work like?

Some consider call center work to be monotonous as conversations with customers are almost always about the same topic. It can also be demanding with management wanting all calls wrapped up within a designated period of time. The more calls an agent takes the more profit a business earns.

What Is Call Center Burnout?

Burnout is a widespread phenomenon in the call center and customer service industry. The phenomenon was first identified in the 70s when a major crisis hit professionals who had to deal with lots of people on a day-to-day basis as part of their job. Certain changes in employee behavior from frequent frustration to cynicism in the workplace, feelings of ineffectiveness, lack of motivation, lack of enthusiasm, exhaustion, low-attitude towards work among many others characterized the issue.

Since then, psychologists undertook studies into the causes of burnout and how it can be prevented or mitigated. Despite all the time and effort devoted to eradicating burnout, it still affects employees in business office environments such as those in cubicles or in middle management.

Burnout Doesn’t Just Start Abruptly

The feelings of fatigue, stagnation, hopelessness, and lack of motivation do not just come upon you one day. They start and brew over time unnoticed before they unveil themselves in various shapes, forms, and sizes. Call center burnout is one of the leading causes of service industry employees quitting their jobs.

Call center employees are more prone to burnout than other employees because of the high-stress work environment and emotional aspects of their job. The norm is that the harder you work and the more you give to serve and help customers, the more vulnerable you become to suffering from burnout.

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What Can You Do To Prevent Burnout?

Call center staff and customer care executives need care, too. To prevent call center burnout, you need to pay close attention to how you feel and perceive your job. If you observe early symptoms of burnout, you can prevent the situation from getting worse by taking some time to look after yourself.

Trying to repress the sad and troubling emotions will not make the situation any better. You need to tackle everything that bugging you head on without putting it off till tomorrow or another day.

Take Care of Yourself

It may seem so obvious and natural for you to take care of yourself but when you work at a call center, taking care of yourself and well-being is very important if you want to stand any chance against burnout. How do you take proper care of yourself?

Start by eating healthy foods and drinks. Drink plenty of water and fresh juices to stay hydrated throughout the day or night if you work the night shift. Have plenty of sleep. It is very important to sleep if you want to have a good time at work.

Last, your body needs to get exercise now and then to prevent physical health problems that arise from sitting at your desk or cubicle for long hours. Taking care of yourself enables you to be strong enough to tackle job-related stress.

Positive Thinking

Your mindset and attitude is everything when it comes to preventing call center burnout. You can tackle day-to-day tasks faster and easier by learning to focus on the good side of it all. There is a lot of good that comes with helping people. Where you can help- help, where you cannot – focus on helping the next person even if all you do is share these tips with them. 

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