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best-swag-ideas-at-a-conference Blockbuster Best Swag For Conferences And Shows

Blockbuster Best Swag For Conferences And Shows

Attending a live conference is an excellent way to learn and sharpen your skills. But for people who attend the conference (or a trade show), swag can make a difference between a memorable event and a boring one. When you organize or take part in a conference, you might want to look into some of the best swag ideas.

Swag is everything the companies throw in at an event to make it more fun and interactive for the attendees. It can be free gifts, contests, special surprises, performances or extra items for making the event more unique.

You can use the best swag for conferences to build a reputation, so be careful to choose event swag that will not be thrown in the trash.

1- Electronic chargers

Not only a practical gift idea for any person connected to technology, but it also helps out your event. The participants will use their phones, laptops, and tablets all the time. It’s not uncommon that someone will forget their charger or need an extra one.

Offering these swag items will be a kind gesture or caring about their needs. Also, it will keep everyone connected longer so that the conference can get continuous coverage.

2- Umbrellas

Another practical, yet thoughtful giveaway is an umbrella. People have a tendency of forgetting them at home or lose them on the bus and many other places, so being offered an umbrella is never unwelcome. Especially if the event is set in a wet area or season, a lot of people will need umbrellas.

Plus, they are easy to store, and they are walking marketing billboards when in use: you can put your logo there and let your participants show it off.

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3- Reusable water bottles

Keep your guests hydrated and give away reusable water bottles with your logo on them. Be sure to provide accessible water fountains so everybody can refill whenever needed. Staying at a conference can take long hours and dehydration can be very tiring for anybody. Keep the energy levels up with this great swag gift.

A lot of times, you will find the most common swag ideas at conferences and live events are pens, key chains, and t-shirts. Think outside of the box and choose practical, useful ideas for your swag, as these are the best swag ideas people are going to remember. The participants and employees will thank you, and they will be willing to use your merchandise even after the event.

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best-swag-ideas Blockbuster Best Swag For Conferences And Shows