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87994450_XS Inventing For The Child: Your Best Invention Ideas

Inventing For The Child: Your Best Invention Ideas

In an age where video games are the go-to choice for parents who want to create a spark of curiosity in their kids sometimes it’s time to take a step back into the real world. For children with inquiring minds, the act of working problems and seeing just what makes it tick can be a lifetime experience. However, what projects can Mom and Dad help find that will help spark that ‘out of the box’ thinking that is so valued in our modern world? Here are some of the best invention ideas for kids.
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One-Of-A-Kind Toys Aren’t Always Hard To Find

Kids love inventing plush toys either for their use or to give to their friends. Some also like donating to a family in need. Services such as Budsies can take a picture hand drawn by a child and turn it into a stuffed character. The delight on a child’s face when they see their drawing come to life is priceless, even more so if they are the charitable type. After all, isn’t the ultimate result to make them the happiest kid on earth?

box-300px Inventing For The Child: Your Best Invention Ideas  What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Fantasizing about their work profession later in life is a common trait in children. Some wish to be an astronaut; others want to be a firefighter, even a garbage truck driver. One way to help these kids is to find several large boxes to arrange and live out their fantasies.

After all, boxes just an open space inside at least four panels, sometimes with one end of it closed off. Help the kid decorate the outside of the box so it can represent things such as a fire truck or a spaceship. It can lead them to think creatively when it counts.

Pass The Time With An Invention Box

A company known as TinkerLab can help creating a do-it-yourself invention box. The box includes materials such as tape, string, balls, balloons, and a variety of other items. These things can be glued onto construction paper or arranged to create a physical object. Such kits have been used during scout meetings providing all kids the same collection of objects.

The child and their parents are provided a limited amount of time to build a new contraption or invent a new one. These invention boxes are great gifts for a birthday party or other gift exchange events throughout the year.

The Best Invention Ideas Without The Expense

Educating kids about recycling is another way to get their creative mind going. One example is creating a water xylophone out of empty glass jars. Fill each of the jars with different amounts of liquid. The child will discover that when they strike the jar, each will make different a different sound. It is like keys on a piano which hits wires of different lengths.

The child and their friends or siblings could create a full music band out of recycled items. Jars filled with water is one instruction, pieces of wood cut to different lengths is another, and a drum made out of discs. Be sure to record a video of their performance for playback later as a reminder of past creativity.

What Do You Get when You Cross A…?

Helping a child create new inventions can be as simple as combining two existing products together. For example, a fan typically blows air to cool a room. If the open end of a garbage bag is placed near the air output, the bag will expand. It’s an excellent way to explain to kids how the hot air balloon may have been invented.

Get Back to Nature87994450_XS-300x200 Inventing For The Child: Your Best Invention Ideas

There is so much going on in the natural world – much of it in our backyards. For a kid with an inquiring mind inventing a lunch menu for insects is a great idea. Mom or Dad needs to supply a divided serving dish or platter (or even some paper plates and a few choice pieces of fruit or bread.

By placing all of this outside kids soon realize that every insect has a favorite meal. Searching the Internet or checking out a book at the library leads to kids understanding why this is the case.

The Sun Is For Fun

Can we tell time from the sun just like a watch? Another outdoor project involves a paper plate, a pencil, and some sunlight. Mark of 12 equal marks around the edge of the plate and push the pencil through the middle – instant sundial. Intrigued kids discover that each graduation marks off exactly one hour. With some adult help, it’s possible to make their own real clock.

There are some great ideas on the Internet for easy and cost-effective inventions that your kids will love. Just make a little effort to find the best invention ideas for kids and watch their minds expand while they have great fun. You might also be interested in finding out how Kids Are Great For Quality Improvement to find out what their brilliant little minds think of everyday objects.

Now go invent a way to share these tips with others who work with kids.

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