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Diamonds in Ashes: Reasons Why Your Bad Ideas Are So Great

When was the last time when you took pride in a bad idea you had? That is, after you realized it’s one of your best bad ideasWe often swipe a lot of failed ideas under the carpet and forget about them. People like to think they can avoid bad ideas and work on keeping them to a minimum, but that isn’t a productive way to spend the day.
Think of bad ideas like a way to get to good ideas. Besides, in some situations, an idea is disliked only if it does not fit an individual problem. It may be perfect if you change your approach.

Bad ideas lead to good ideas

The perfect analogy and example of this is brainstorming, a technique that is ideal for certain types of tasks. If you want to find the perfect idea from scratch, you need to start brainstorming.
Write down all the things that come to your mind when thinking about a certain topic or concept will fill in pages with bad ideas. We all know how many of them we have to drop before having a decent shortlist.
But all these bad ideas were connection points from one concept to another. It can lead to the perfect slogan or name you were looking for.


Bad ideas transformed into good ideas

A bad idea can be ideal if applied to a different problem. Don’t push your failed ideas under the rug, save them for later. You may find yourself in a situation when they will save you.
Changing perspective and editing your idea a little bit can make it valuable and useful in the future. For example, if your idea for a funny new card game isn’t received well in the physical world then perhaps a smartphone version is more desirable.

Experience gained through bad ideasWhen was the last time you took pride in a bad idea? | bad idea | good idea bad idea | bad ideas | bad idea weekend | no bad ideas

What can be more valuable than gaining experience from a bad thing? Being able to look at a mistake or failure and read the good in it is a mature and productive philosophy. Smart people gain something from all their mistakes. If it weren’t for your bad ideas, you would not know what stuff to avoid in the future.
Our whole learning experience as a species is based on this principle of trial and error. And more, learning from our mistakes. And, who knows, our bad ideas may teach others about the right choices to make.
Next time you beat yourself up for having a bad idea, try to see the good in it and extract a life lesson from it. Mistakes are inevitable, learning from them is genuine progress.

Idea Evaluation Methods You Need To Use

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