Where Am I?

You are on planet Earth.

This probably isn’t the first time someone gave you a factually accurate, but completely useless answer. Don’t be the person who answers questions like this, try to think of something more creative.

The Goal (otherwise known as a “Mission Statement” in business jargon)

This is the website ideas2apply, created to help corporate office workers who tend to be logically minded re-spark the imagination. The goal is to bring creativity and innovation back into bureaucratic environments which typically require overcoming red-tape to get anything done.

There is a place for consistency (otherwise your favorite drink might taste different every time) and safety rules are established for a good reason (nobody wants to get hurt). However, not everything has to be so strict and that’s where your ingenuity comes in to push the envelope and challenge everything.

About Me (in business speak might be referred as the “Chairperson of the Board”)

frankwl640-150x150 Where Am I?  My name is Frank Laughlin and I’ve been with my current employer, a small office, for over eleven years. My previous employer is a large international company with multiple locations and thousands of call center employees working in cubicles (including myself). I was with that employer for nine years before they restructured the project and sent our jobs to another country. Several of my jobs before that also spanned multiple years.

I remained at those jobs for so many years by not becoming complacent nor going with the flow. Yes, some managers might have had reservations about how I accomplished my tasks but none of these actions resulted in termination. In fact, one of my personal side projects ended up contributing towards the call center attaining a recognized quality certification for the first time in its history.

About You (insert-your-corporate-job-title-here)

partition-office-1024-300x200 Where Am I?  You’re working an eight-hour shift for a total of 40 hours per week at an office either in a cubicle or within an internal room (your window view is just a loud copy machine). You are very good at your job, but it’s the same thing every day and you want to spice it up with some variety.

The thought of trying to sneak in an interview elsewhere during your lunch break and having to take a pay cut stresses you out. Instead, you would rather stand out even if it means mutually breaking some of the alliances developed with your peers. Sound familiar?

You can expect to see regular blog posts with practical applications and innovative processes that you can use in everyday life. While there might be times when you’ll have an “aha” moment when a solution might hit you like a bolt of lightning, the more common outcome is by using due diligence. Discover tools for curating content and adopt habits with a careful eye on what to watch out for. Be sure to check out The Innovation Collection and The New Product Collection to explore what has succeeded in the past, in the present, and likely in the future.

I invite you to join the community and learn that coming up with new ideas is about having a proper mindset. Please fill in the form below to receive a free email course with steps on how to curate information about your industry so that you can creatively apply best practices used by others. Also, keep an eye out for monthly digests with useful tips (whitelist @ideas2apply.com in your email software). Make sure to share your thoughts with others and follow the social media accounts below for even more inspiration.