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Cheap-Ways-To-Decorate-Your-office 6 Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Office At Work

6 Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Office At Work

Many people dread the weekdays because they spend a third of their day in office cubicles. Since that office space has a personal element to it, it is wise to look into cheap ways to decorate your office at work so it becomes comfortable and motivating. Decorating the office is one of the proven techniques of increasing productivity.  Here are decor ideas that can help spark up your creativity and improve your office space.

Common Questions

How to decorate an office desk?

Before you decorate, get some organization bins so that everything has a place. Start by covering the walls and the table with colorful fabric or a picture. Bring in your favorite toys from childhood and give them a new home beside the attic. Fill empty corners with a fake or real plant.

Where to buy office decor?

Colored fabric and picture frames are available at craft stores. Desk toys can be found in the attic where you grew up or even at the dollar store. Check out the local garden store for small plants.

Clean Up And Organize

A desk and chair, computer, phone, file tray, penholder, and three cork board walls are commonly found in cubicles. Storage bins or file cabinets may also be there, but only for the lucky few with large cubicles. When thinking of décor options that can give your office space a personalized touch, the first thing to have in mind is to have a clean and presentable area.

That means getting rid of the items that are of no use and then organizing your desk drawers, and file cabinet. Everything should have a place so that the cubicle does not look drab; this way, you will figure out what you want to do when you arrive every day.

Cover It Up

Check with the management to know if you can change your cubicle and what are the limitations to what you can do. If allowed, try using a hardwood table top to cover your desk. You can bring in colorful fabrics to cover the walls as you looking into other options such as wall paintings. Also, consider bringing in a personal chair that is ergonomically sound.

Get Inspired

While looking into cheap ways to decorate office cubicles, remember that decorating a space is a matter of creativity, having an eye for detail and being adventurous about different possibilities. You can look to your coworkers to see what they have done with their cubicles or office space.

Borrow the décor preference you have at home. You can do online research or go through magazines and publications that touch on decorating the office. The aim is to get inspiration from different quarters.

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Add Yourself In

Our cubicle is a personal area which gives you some level of ownership. For instance, you can place on your desk framed photographs of yourself, your pet, or something your love. You can bring small toys or display a calendar with beautiful images. Enhance the electronics such as the phone, mouse, monitor or keyboard with something that adds a splash of color.

Keep The Right Color Contrast

As you inject the new changes to your office space, remember to maintain the right color balance. Work with light and energetic colors such as mint green, carrot orange, or electric purple. Strive to achieve a good color contrast with the objects you bring in.

Bring In Nature

The ‘eco-office’ is increasingly popular among companies creating areas where employees can enjoy nature while at the office. It is quite common to find potted plants in the workplace. Research shows they help to enhance the ambiance of the office, adding freshness and they have an aesthetic value.

Try bringing in some plants to your cubicle, but avoid overdoing it. Typically, you can bring in two items such as flowers, small trees, or herbs. What’s important is to avoid expensive, high-maintenance plants because you will need to tend them by watering, pruning, and feeding them.

The above tips are ideas that can help spark up your creativity and encourage you to look for cheap ways to decorate your office at work. Remember to personalize your cubicle as you dress it up to make it a comfortable area that is inviting and motivating.

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